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I am reading around the internet about CIEM as I am planning to buy my first CIEM in 2017 and came across a vendor's FAQ which was talking about the fact that CIEM shells are not as sturdy as you may assume and they can easily crack or break. I wanted to ask if anyone here had his or her CIEM cracked or broken and if so, what kind of accident caused it?   Cheers!
Thank you for the reply. Doing some research I see that these two were the same at some point and the 64 Audio has chosen a path of its own with switching to Apex.
Thank you. That directory seems quite comprehensive.
I am looking to switch to a CIEM from my current IEM and allocated a 1000 budged for it. I have searched around and listed the following items for my short list based on what I read here in head-fi and other places on the net. I wanted to request advices and comments from people with more experience and insight whether this is the right list and which to pick from this list or maybe what are the other items out of this list.     Nobleaudio: SAVANNA 64 Audio: A4 JH...
I am looking to get my first CIEM during 2017 and the first thing I want to look for is where to get an ear impression in SF bay area to be sure it is a good fit and well done. Since I am not resident of a metropolitan area I cannot visit cities often so I want to be sure it is going to be done properly the first time! fingers crossed.    If you have any recommendation, please let me know.   thank you.
Hello everyone.   I was wondering if anyone here has tried both of these headphones or has some more insights on why one manufacturer produces two headphones with almost the same functionalities.   I am looking to get a over ear headphone, a portable one as I do air travel a lot, to replace my current IEM. I came to few last items that I have in my list but I cannot decide between these two headphones on which one can stay in my list as Sennheiser's potential purchase....
I am looking for the same thing, a music player that can manage playlist and capable of playing music from local network drive. The Music Streamer app app looks nice but I am not sure if the issue with dimmed display playback is sorted out or not.   Has anyone tried it recently?   Thanks.
I was wondering if it is possible to use the WA 7 with desktop speakers? e.g if I connect it to computer via USB and then use the RCA connectors to connect it to a pair of desktop speakers like The Adam Audio F5 or Emotiva airmotiv 5?   Thanks for any input.
I have been trying to figure out what is that headphone in the picture for this thread! Any hint or help :-)
A little bit of background: I moved my entire music library to Google Cloud and basically I listen out of google cloud music using google player app. Most of the tracks that I bought after 2010 are Flac which are converted to 320 kbps .mp3 by google music and when I do playback it playback in 320 kbps.   So far I was using my phone and tablet to as a source component (playing music using Google Music and feed it to the DAC using USB  cable) but I am thinking on getting a...
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