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A little bit of background: I moved my entire music library to Google Cloud and basically I listen out of google cloud music using google player app. Most of the tracks that I bought after 2010 are Flac which are converted to 320 kbps .mp3 by google music and when I do playback it playback in 320 kbps.   So far I was using my phone and tablet to as a source component (playing music using Google Music and feed it to the DAC using USB  cable) but I am thinking on getting a...
I was browsing the forum and I saw this post. Can someone please explain what this whole setup is?
Hello,   I am looking to buy a new all around headphone and I thought I should try the following headphones in a store before buying it. Do you know any headphone store around Santa Clara, San Jose?     B&W P7 Audio-Technica ATH-M50x PSB M4U 1 Over-Ear NAD Electronics VISO HP50 Sennheiser Momentum Headphone V-MODA Crossfade M-100     Thanks.
Anyone using WA7 with an android tablet or phone? Is it even possible? Thanks.
Have you compared Woo WA7 with any other dac/amp of the same price range to for use with LCD-2? If so, any comment of recommendation? Thanks.
Please share name of the most memorable track you listened with LCD-2...
Hello -,   I am thinking about buying WOO QA7 for the following use; I thought to get some input from current owners based their experience before doing so.   Is it a good match with LCD-2 and MacBook pro as source? I am mainly listening to classical, soundtracks, melodies, vocals, Bluz, rock and pop (in the order given, so very few rock and pop and lots of classical and soundtracks). Although it is mostly the headphone that can affect the listening experience on...
 Would you please elaborate on WA7 difference?
Hello-, I am looking to upgrade to a proper set of headphone and amp/DAC and thought about lcd-2 and WOO WA7. Are these two compatible and well matching? My source is MacBook pro and I mostly want it to listen to melodies, classical, vocals, bluz, soundtracks and progressive. Any and all advices are welcome and aperciated. Thanks.
Thank you for the feedback. Your signature shows you have several high end headphones, may I ask which one, based on your experience, you recommend for wide soundstage and separation? I will not buy expensive usb cable then.
New Posts  All Forums: