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I don't get any sound, no. I also have a problem that my audio device manager stops responding or is very slow whenever I have the unit plugged in and powered up. Finally I disabled all other audio devices and uninstalled other audio drivers which could be conflicting, but without any results. I am very confused why the same driver and device works fine on another setup using windows 7 ultimate as this PC. 
Thank you so much for your reply. I am away for the weekend but will test it out on Monday.
I will post some screenshots for this. 1)  2) 3) 4)I am using ASIO  So I don't understand why it doesn't work
I have indeed updated the firmware to FW2014v9forDAC32bit and I'm using the 2014v3 driver.
Hey guys   I just got a new PC and I'm now having a problem with getting the NFB 11.32 to work. I have installed the same drivers as on the old PC without any problems but no sound comes from the unit. I also have it plugged it into an USB 2.0 port and have tried swtiching USB ports too but still nothing. If I just start up and try to play something I may hear a sound for 1 second before it cuts off and then I can't make it do that again or hear anything.   Hope...
Thank you for the reply though :) I do hope it can help others who may find themselves in the same situation too.
This wasn't the issue for me however. I re-installed the drivers and plugged it into one of my USB 3.0 ports instead of a normal one in my PC. So far I haven't experienced any problems since then, but will update if anything changes.
Upgraded firmware and installed the newest driver, but now I'm getting an issue in Youtube for example where the sound suddenly stops but the video keeps on playing. There is no indication that it gets unplugged while doing this, and the problem wasn't present before either.   Any ideas what can be done?
Contact Audio-gd as the support there is great. Otherwise it could be that the driver you're trying to install doesn't work with the installed firmware. For example, if you're trying to install the newest 2014 driver without the new 2014 firmware then you will get that error. 
Thank you for that. I have installed the newest firmware and drivers now, although I see no 32 bit options in my audio settings however. Anyone who has some input on that mystery. I read somewhere it has to do with something called ASIO or something, although I'm admittedly a noob in that regard so I have no idea.
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