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What is the best option?   Vali and Modi combination or just Asgard 2.   What do you get the most out of?   What would you prefer and why?   Is there a big difference?   Im thankful for all the answers. I have a gaming-amplifier (astro mixamp) , and i want something else. something that does not cost over 250 $   I dont know if amps are made for some music genre or it is a all-round thing?... If it makes some diffrence i can say that i often listen to rock and...
I also have a pair of Grado SR80i that i like very much. They are my first listening headphone.That is why i got the Gardo 325i on the list!
Hi!Im sorry that i did not write what i was listening to!I often listen to techno, synth and rock. I like the more neutral sound, because i find it to have more clarity in the treble, and have more detail to the sound.I have heard some "darker" sounding headphones, and i think it would be no problem for me to like the both neutral and the "darker" sounding headphone.
I am thinking of DT880 Pro. And i have not seen the ATH-AD900X! I will have a look at them.
Wich one do you recommend. and why?
Hi!   I wonder how many members this forum has!?
I've seen the Martin Logan headphones before!.. they look really comfortable! 
Hi! I want ro know wich one is better! .. i will wear these at school, have them for traveling and just have them where ever i go!.. i want to know wich one is more comfortable, sounds better, have better features, will last longer and wich one is more portable!
They didnt have the*
I have tested the Momentums and i didnt like them. My ears did not fit do good inside the momentums, and they sounded very wierd for me, ot didnt have that clarity that i thought it would have.. maybe it is my ears i have no idea haha!
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