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Hey, Unkown Plan, It's been quite awhile since I posted on head-fi sorry I didn't see your post earlier, (to much work).  I have my personal Gustard H10 if you would like to borrow it for awhile, It's a pretty great headphone amp I must admit;  It has enough power to drive everything from in ears to low-efficiency planers, I have no doubt you will like it.    Let me know your thoughts about it after you get some listening time. I personally never heard any IFI...
I will look into the cayin products they seem cool. You can head to AVL Electronics showroom, they have all the beyer the products there.Good listening.
Thats great, hope to give it a try, with different headphones.Thanks.
Great, thanks Koolpep.So it's up up to you there's still awhile till August. You can wait and test the he350s, since they will be easy to flip if you don't enjoy them. Or pickup somthing else untill then. And sell which ever you like less.Best of luck.The c5s seem interesting never heard of them before but they seem like a great portable amp, thanks for sharing.
I cant say for sure but a review of the cayin c5 said they can power some very power hungry cans. We haven't heard the he350s yet, but you can listen to the dt990s here in dubai to test how they sound. Just take your C5 and you can see if it has enough power to drive them and if you like the sound siq. If not go with another pair or wait for he350s. Good listening.
Interesting, just make sure and swich reverse the headset and test as well. You can test on your amp aswell just switch the cables if you can.Cause I used to think i had that issue with several headphones but it was just small issue with my right ear for awhile (all fine now).Good listening.
Ya they seem pretty epic especially for their price, can't wait to give them a listen. I also love that they updated the connectors and use the hex 2.5mm connection.I just hope they live up to the expectations.
Hey guys I just found somthing interesting on massdrop. They have a special edition hifiman heqdphone. It is a redesign of there he300s which were discontinued, they are dynamic drivers not planars though. But i wan't get one just to test. They're the Massdrop x HiFiMAN HE-350
Yes that tend to be the biggest complaint about these, the stock pleathers are pretty terrible for sound. Not sure which is better though, I think from the images I saw the focus pads are leather on the side and out with velour only at the top, while the focus pads-a are leather on the outside and velour on the inside an top. on hifimans website it states the that (headfiers liked the linearity of the sound more on the focus pads-A) more than the focus pads, but on the...
HAHA, that explains it.
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