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I'm not 100% sure, but I think a material like felt which has loose/fluffy (also thicker porous) materials will help tame higher frequency's. Higher frequency are easily reflected so something which can absorb the reflection's should theoretically help reduce the treble peaks. Haven't done the Fuzzor mod yet but, hope this helps.Let us know how it turns out.
  Great paint job looks awesome, I wanted to try painting my he-400s before but never got around to it ( it feels pretty risky since I never spray painted anything before). I also realized something, should have checked after hearing some other talking about this. The driver retaining ring screws seemed to be a bit loose (or at least could've been tightened much more), anyways I tightened them and it stopped annoying crackling sound from popping up whenever the headphones...
Ya I noticed allot of that when I tried it at a meet. But I only listened to it for a few minutes. Hope it holds out for more indepth use.Thanks.
Now Im getting even more impatient waiting for h10. Cant wait hehe.Glad to hear you're joying the he-400s now.
Thanks, hehe ya that was unintentional. But it does sound pretty interesting.
Finally pulled the trigger on the H10, found it over on Massdrop, it's gonna take quite a while to ship though. Thanks for the advice everyone.   Op-amp swabbing seems pretty interesting I'll be looking into it after the H10 arrives.   Good listening.
Hello, Head Fi'ers sorry if this is posted in the wrong section.   I am currently using AIMP3 through my onboard dac itno my schiit Vali powering my he-400s.   Does any one know a good software that can take the files, folders cd art, and everything from a playlist (M3U or any other format) then copy all the songs and folders from the playlist into another location (or device).    This is because I like to make playlists, but I like folder control over the music when...
Thanks for the convo about balanced. I was kinda biased thinking that balanced amps are better than unbalanced, wheather you are using balnced or not. So thanks for for sharing, that would also mean for my usage I shoud'nt hold out for the h20.since I dont think I will be able to afford a full balanced setup for quite awhile. Thanks for sharing.
Np at all, I kinda diserved it anyways. Sometimes it can be easier to get the opinions of others more expieirenced instead of reling on ones (my) own research, which is kinda what I ended up doing.Thanks.
New Posts  All Forums: