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Np, thanks.
 Interesting never knew their was such a big difference. Guess I should have realized since the 400I uses a single sided magnetic interface which allows it to be much lighter. That makes the 400I very interesting, wonder how it would compare to the he-500. Thanks for sharing.
Hifiman, started making there own versions of the jerpads called the focus pads. You can pick the up from head direct and amazon.The focus pads should sound like the jerg pads, and th (edit, audeze vegan pads) should also have a different sound sig.I havent tried any of these yet though, so cant comment on the sound.I was thinking about 400i but decided against it because I want to mod lots of stuff on the he-400. The 400i is to expsenaive for me to change the ear pads and...
Hmm, thats problematic. Didin't think of that.
Thanks a ton kernel. Great guide.I may adjuat your idea a bit, so my cousins dont just pull them off for fun though lol. I'll give the magnet stip a go first cause it would be awsome, but if my cousins can pull it of easily, I may adjust the idea to use velcro instead; which should have much more gripping force.Thank you.
I'll be waiting for that, but I doubt anything will beat the vegan pads, if comfort is the main conaideration. Correct me if I'm wrong.Thanks, and mind sharing a bit about how you managed the magnetic mounting for different pads?Thank Kernel.
Lol, didn't even answer your question. I'll be using an onboard audio DAC. I'll give my opinion about the velour pads when I get everything setup. Great setup, let me know how the Geek Out sounds with He-400.
 Ya, after this I'll be saving up for a Bitfrost as my next upgrade. I found a pic somewhere with the vegan pads take a look, Looks quite nice, and thanks to kernel for giving me the idea to try it.  
Well back on topic then hehe. I finally picked out and decided on all the parts I'll be going with for my next setup. It is going to be the HE-400 with Audeze vegan pads, and the Sehniser headband mod, a best in verse custom cable. Connected to a Schiit LYR 2 (found locally second hand, still looking around for tubes), playing files from AIMP3, mostly Lossless and some high quality lossy files. Seems like a good setup to the me, any opinions?
Hehe, guess it is quite off topic.Forgot about that when I replied.
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