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Ozkan, how do you feel about the sound signature of the CKR9 coming from the IM50/70?   Ooh, and have you tried pairing them with the Philips she3590 tips?
  Sometime in the future...
 Correct. BTW to those looking for the vent hole, it is a tiny hole located on the side of the Gunmetal filter near the base. After reading earlier posts, I decided to check whether my vent hole was blocked or not. So I used a torch to shine some light into the bottom of the filter to see if the light is visible through the vent hole. I was able to see light through the vent hole alright. But upon closer inspection, I noticed that there seems to be some sort of translucent...
I noticed that on the inside of the Gunmetal filter, there is something pasted over the venting hole.   Is that normal or should I attempt to poke through the hole?
 I agree. To me the Gunmetal filters make vocals sound tinny, while the Silver filters is too V for me, causing ballads to sound overly warm. It would be awesome if the new filters could give more fullness to vocals compared to the Gunmetal filters, have punchy bass but does not sound boomy like the Silver filters.
Up for sale is one pair of Delta Hybrid earphone.   The earphone is in perfect working condition and has only been used for a day.   Reason I am selling is to fund for another earphone.     Specifications:   http://www.trinityaudioengineering.com/products/trinity-delta     The earphone comes with:   Original Box 3 pair of sound tuning filters + container Earphone case 5 pair of Silicone ear tips (A pair being Double Flange) and 2 pair of Foam ear...
 May I ask what are the benefits of having foam in the ear tips?
@peter123    How would you compare the sound of the CKR9 to the Trinity Delta?
 How would you describe "generic"? And what type of sound were you expecting exactly?
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