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By the way, when selecting a track,   does anyone here experience lag during the transition from Track List to Playback Screen?       The lag is especially noticeble when the track has album art.   Also the music will play before the Playback Screen is shown, which to me feels odd.
Fiio X1 before and after peeling off top layer screen protector/Mask.       Before:       After:   Another layer of screen protector can be seen near the edges of screen.           Conclusion: Don't worry and just peel the top layer/Mask off .
 Oo La La Now that's a combo I've been thinking about. Perhaps you could share your listening experience on using the IM50 directly with the X1 (Without amp & EQ)?
I wouldn't call the IM50 a neutral or analytical IEM. It is somewhere between warm and mid-centric sounding.   Its bass and mids are featured more prominiently than its treble.   Also, treble on the IM50 is smooth rather than sparkling. 
 And yeah, the memory wire can be troublesome to adjust.
  To work with the IM50, the cable connector specifically has to be in this shape:     2nd image credit to twister6
Whenever I read that someone plans to store 5000+ songs in their DAP, I think to myself: Do they really listen to all of them?  
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