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Does X1 have a Voice Recorder function?
 Woah, the X1's a pretty big size difference from the Clip+ than I've expected.
Hi twister6, I noticed you also have the Clip+.   I was wondering if you can post a picture of the Clip+ and X1 side by side (To see their size difference),   as well as compared the sound quality & signature between the two DAPs.     Thanks.
I have been thinking about upgrading from my Clip+.   Perhaps this is the answer.
 It's ok,even a simple impression would be nice   Congrats!
 Good luck 
 Similar problem happened to my IM50 two weeks after I had bought them. You can find my complaint in the earlier section of this thread:  Originally Posted by MelloWatic  Darn. After using my IM50 (Black) for a few weeks, the right earpiece suddenly sounds softer than the left... And I definitely handled my IM50 with care. It's most likely manufacturing defect, because I've used cheaper earphones before and none of them broke down in a few weeks like the IM50, even when...
Hi, may I know when the result will be announced?   Thanks.
Rock Jaw Evolution   To Suit The Situation, To Meet The Needs. 
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