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Hi twister6, I noticed you also have the Clip+.   I was wondering if you can post a picture of the Clip+ and X1 side by side (To see their size difference),   as well as compared the sound quality & signature between the two DAPs.     Thanks.
I have been thinking about upgrading from my Clip+.   Perhaps this is the answer.
 It's ok,even a simple impression would be nice   Congrats!
 Good luck 
 Similar problem happened to my IM50 two weeks after I had bought them. You can find my complaint in the earlier section of this thread:  Originally Posted by MelloWatic  Darn. After using my IM50 (Black) for a few weeks, the right earpiece suddenly sounds softer than the left... And I definitely handled my IM50 with care. It's most likely manufacturing defect, because I've used cheaper earphones before and none of them broke down in a few weeks like the IM50, even when...
Hi, may I know when the result will be announced?   Thanks.
Rock Jaw Evolution   To Suit The Situation, To Meet The Needs. 
 You just did, hahaha
 Oh, I'm just curious whether shipping them back the faulty unit was required in order to get the replacement, or is there some other ways?
 Was it CDJapan that gave you that replacement?
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