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Nice! Especially the Back Button update. It is a feature the sansa clip+ has which I found very convenient to use whenever I decided to change some settings.   Keep up the good work Fiio.  
 The 2 drivers in IM50/70 is of playing same frequencies.
There are a few comparisons between IM50 and IM70 on page 71 - from post #1052 onwards.   The two drivers in those IEMs are synchronized, reproducing the same frequencies.
100,135   100,136   109,913
Is it common for the X1 to backtrack 1 to 2 times when scrolling?   Can this issue be fixed in a firmware update?
So Bob, how's the new Delta filters coming?  
 Format it using the X1 itself.
Ozkan, how do you feel about the sound signature of the CKR9 coming from the IM50/70?   Ooh, and have you tried pairing them with the Philips she3590 tips?
  Sometime in the future...
 Correct. BTW to those looking for the vent hole, it is a tiny hole located on the side of the Gunmetal filter near the base. After reading earlier posts, I decided to check whether my vent hole was blocked or not. So I used a torch to shine some light into the bottom of the filter to see if the light is visible through the vent hole. I was able to see light through the vent hole alright. But upon closer inspection, I noticed that there seems to be some sort of translucent...
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