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Yeah, they are A LOT harder to drive than my ASG 2.5, I usually use around 40-45 volume on my X5 with ASG2.5, wtih the rockets I need 70-75 to reach the same volume. I'm not sure why 1 dynamic driver would be so much harder than 2BA+1dynamic
RIP PFE232 - left piece died suddenly, was still listening to it yesterday and it's not working anymore
coming from a pfe232(stopped workign yesterday :( ) would you guys recommend 1+ or 2.5? 699 seems quite steep and would 1+ suffice? or even superior in any way
I personally own a pair of pfe232, and I listen to a lot of dnb and dubstep. I would definitely recommend these. Bass wise, they are tight and can go really deep, might be just a tick inferior to the ie80s but they are still really good for BA drivers. When listening to some pendulum, the drums can really give me a shake in my head. On the other hand, the highs are superb. They are very clear, really nice for female vocal dnb. The highs often give me goosebumps but never...
vivo xplay yes!!!
amoled looks disgusting on my old galaxy nexus, there are burn in everywhere and the blue leds are dying, not to mention the blue tint all the white color has too.
vivo xplay should have the best built in amp - OPA2604 from texas instruments inside that phone theres also an CS4398 and CS8422   however the upcoming xplay 3s which has just been released today have the same amp chip but a better DAC - ES9018 this is also the first phone to collaborate with dts to support dts headphone X, up to 11.1 surround sound... from what they say in the press, it can drive up to 1300 ohm... not sure if legit or not   but still this has got...
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