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I just ordered the fiio e18. Thank you to everyone who replied.
Thank you dcfac73, I'm glad to hear from someone who has tried it out with the s3! Looks like I should just just take the plunge and order one. I'm leaning towards the  e18 right now...
Thanks for the feedback gulm. I was actually seriously looking at the Fiio E18. If you have heard it, would you mind telling me how it compared to other amp/dac's you have listened to? Do you think it would outperform the D42? the Fiio E17? Dragonfly?
Thank you very much Cotnijoe. 
Hi all, I recently got my first pair of good headphones (westone 3's) and have really been enjoying the sound so far. Having never really had headphones capable of high quality sound, I've never had the need to buy amps/dacs, nor have i had the opportunity to listen to any dac/amp combo. I know that the dac/amp combo will bypass the internal dac on my phone and send the pure signal to the dac/amplifier in the usb amp/dac which will make it sound better, but my question is...
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