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 JPLAY has a free trial that never expires, and its only limitation is that it inserts a few seconds of silence every few minutes. I do not hear a difference between foobar2000 and JPLAY.
 Directory structure view is available via this component: I like browsing my custom-organized folders as well, but I do it manually and just drag and drop files into the bare minimum interface in foobar2000 because the way I listen is usually with on-the-fly playlists of whatever I happen to be in the mood for. You can tag anything in foobar2000 by right-clicking and selecting Properties.
+1! I also vote for keeping your lossless files as they are and just making a lossy copy of your collection for portable use.
New EP from The Algorithm! Sounds so amazing on my system.   Brute Force: Overclock by The Algorithm 
 It's hard to tell, really. Just a slightly different feeling. The first one seemed a bit more dynamic, exciting, and more refined too...all subtle differences, though, and they could in fact be just my imagination.
 Which thicker pads would you recommend? Someone sent me a modified KTXPRO1 (with a fancy cable and Blu-tack) but he forgot to include pads, so I'd be inclined to experiment with aftermarket pads instead of taking off the ones from my stock KTXPRO1.
 It's funny you ask that, because I was just about to make a post about this very topic! I noticed that the first MT220 I got in 2015 came with a CD-ROM with a free copy of WaveLab LE. The two I got this year (I only got two because one was defective with a rattling left driver) instead had a download code for it. So that's one difference between (what I assume to be) earlier and later production MT220s. (If anyone else who has owned multiple MT220s knows of other...
 The reason I said it that way is because I dunno if they let you buy the pads by themselves, and I doubt they sell spare MT220 pads either. You'll have to ask 'em about it. All sorts of pads can fit on the MT220, but since they are slightly different, the MT8 pads may alter the sound.
 Yeah, it's just the balls. Nothin' to worry about.
 I had the MT8. It should fit. But I wouldn't want to buy a headphone that costs hundreds just for its pads. And although the shape and material are similar, the MT8 pads seemed to be a bit smaller and shallower. (This is only from memory, however.) Oddly, the stock pads on my third MT220 are a little thicker than the ones on my second MT220. I guess their quality control wasn't very stringent.
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