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The Unknown by The Vision Bleak gets a thumbs up from me! Not nearly as good as the gothic metal greats like Moonspell and Tristania, but a solid effort nonetheless. I'm too lazy to describe it. If you like the preview tracks, might as well take the plunge and hear for yourself.   Linkage: https://the-vision-bleak.bandcamp.com/album/the-unknown-luxus http://the-vision-bleak.bandcamp.com/album/the-unknown
Hey @Sukhdev, here's a cool graph of the HD 700 @miceblue just made for me.     It starts with the InnerFidelity measurements, then superimposes compensation curves over them. This can give you better context when equalizing the HD 700. Just notice the areas where the raw grey measurements go over and under the black line (Harman curve) and the green line (diffuse-field curve).
 You've mentioned "DAC" a lot without the "amp" part. A DAC (without an amp, so not a DAC/amp either) only converts digital to analog. You also need an amp if you want more volume than is available from a given device. Combine both into one device and you have a DAC/amp. I would not recommend a standalone desktop DAC to you right now, even if it is affordable. Some of them don't sound any better than some computers. For example, I did not hear a difference between a $99...
 Ha. So we both had the same one. It actually can be charged while being used. I don't recall hissing, though. Could've been your source and not the amp. That's another reason to potentially go for a DAC/amp and not just an amp.
 Yup, that's an example of a portable DAC/amp. As far as FiiO goes, I've only owned the E6 amp. (My version was the FUJIYAMA-E06.) It sells new for a little over $20, but doesn't have a DAC. I would definitely recommend something that can be charged while being used. I use my E1 in DAC/amp mode via USB from my laptop, so it charges when I use it, but I can also use it in amp only mode (it can get louder that way, but doesn't charge) by connecting via the line in.
 Amazon. Looks like I got lucky. Used ones are over $40 now, which isn't saving much. You should research the options out there before making a decision, if only to make sure whatever you get meets your needs.
 Excellent points you've made! Yes, many recordings are just...not that good. I still like the idea of hearing them as they are, though it's also nice to try various colorations, especially when it ends up sounding more accurate anyway due to the faults of the recording mixed with the faults of the equipment canceling each other out. It is definitely easier to reach for a headphone that gives you a certain sound where you know you'll get a certain result. My own goal as...
 ^ What he said above. The different amps inside the devices you use account for the difference in volume. The different DACs inside may affect other aspects of the sound. If you want consistent results with multiple sources, I would recommend getting a portable DAC/amp. A good cheap one is the Creative Sound Blaster E1. I got mine used for barely over twenty bucks! It's not the most versatile, though.
 Some low quality equalizers may be bad, but high quality parametric equalizers provide the only means to attain an accurate frequency response. (Or at least as accurate as is realistically possible.) But you have to use them the right way instead of casually experimenting. My links above show the way. If there is indeed no defect in the OP's HD 700, he may just not like the sound signature, which is a fair ways away from neutral...but that can be fixed by...you know what....
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