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 What is too expensive? The Philips? In my country, it's actually cheaper. I think it's better in every way.
I had an M30x and can confirm it is easy to drive, even directly from a computer. You may or may not experience better results with an amp. The Schiit Fulla and Creative Sound Blaster E1 are two other DAC/amps under $100 to consider.   Personally, I like the Philips SHP9500 and Koss KTXPRO1 more than the M30x.
You mean a site like ranker.com where people can vote on a master list? I don't think so. But that would be pretty pointless, in my opinion, because it would ultimately only gauge how popular something is and wouldn't be a reliable indicator of which equipment is the highest fidelity. For that, you'll need to pay attention to more experienced audiophiles who publish comparisons between some of the best headphones and so on. The Battle Of The Flagships thread is a notable...
I found an ideal solution! (For me, at least.)   All I had to do was create RAM drives with the help of SoftPerfect RAM Disk. Now, with the way I'm doing things, everything (music players, audio files, etc.) is stored in memory, and no matter what I do, there is no stuttering whatsoever! Even with the processor-intensive HQPlayer.   Believe it or not, this also gives me much better sound quality than before. I'm freaking out at how much better all my music sounds now!...
 I see. I would contact Schiit Audio support via email about this, since it only happens when you use the Modi 2 on your computer, but not when you connect directly to your computer or connect the Modi 2 to your PS4.
 In foobar2000 and with the Modi 2 connected, try the other output modes I mentioned.
 Okay, what about my question: If you plug your headphones into your computer's headphone outputs, is there distortion?
 Feel free to continue the gear conversation via PM to help keep this thread on-topic. I bought everything by Lamb Of God except for their latest album. I was never crazy about them. I like New American Gospel the most.
Here's a track even most In Flames fans probably haven't heard: the demo version of "Abnegation".     I like it a lot more than the final version released on The Mirror's Truth EP.  
 "Fear Is The Weakness" and "Sleepless Again" are two tracks I like from their two albums before that one. I have a handful of female friends into metal. They're all pretty cool. If you give me subgenres, I can narrow things down for you as to what I like most. I edited my previous post, by the way.
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