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 The HD remake blew my mind. Some of the milestones were so challenging I couldn't come close to reaching them either. Looks like it was also released on PC!
 Of course some do, but most don't.  Yeah, that isn't really the same at all. Now I'm thinking about how I used to make my own cheat codes with GameShark Pro on PS1. Even made characters fly and other stuff that you may not have guessed was possible to do in the game; certainly not anything originally programmed into it. But I've never heard of editing code to make a game multiplayer in the way you'd like. That would be interesting.
 One of my favorite two player moments was when my brother and I would try to run each other over in Tony Hawk's Pro Skater (on PS1) to give ourselves an advantage.  PC gaming doesn't seem to have much of that. It's all about online multiplayer. But consoles are like that now too.
 It deeply saddens me that traditional split screen two player gameplay is all but dead now. Now online multiplayer dominates. There's no interaction with someone who's right next to you. Most of the time, there isn't even the option for that. I really wish more modern games would let us keep that feature. Nothing beats gaming with a friend by your side.
 I can only tell you this: soda will mess you up in the morning far more than coffee ever could, and it could also mess up the rest of your day. That's why I always make sure to eat plenty of food before drinking soda, because otherwise I'll feel awful.
Two thrash metal covers performed by black metal band Abigor. The first is a Kreator cover and the second is a Slayer cover.  
 What's there to talk about? At least it's technically thrash metal...instead of country music...but there are no redeeming qualities of this song. Metallica has to be the most overrated band in metal. I want those three minutes of my life back for actually giving them another chance.
 Back when I made good money (like $3,400 on my best day), I frequently bought new console games...and felt taken advantage of when I came to my senses. Those same games that were $60 or more were only $20 or so mere months later, and even lower for used copies. I also spent quite a bit on DLC, which can't be resold. I still think spending a lot on limited edition box sets and the like can be fun...as long as you don't sell them at a loss later. I spent thousands on Final...
 Yep, custom desktop PCs get you excellent performance at lower prices. I wish I would have known that before I spent $1,400 on my Alienware laptop that has serious build quality and cooling issues. When I first got it, it could pretty much do anything I wanted, but years later it can't handle heavy gaming and is literally falling apart at the hinges.
New Posts  All Forums: