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  The signature is literally a page long. The great thing about Head-Fi is that some of us discover gear that costs a fraction of the price of the ultra-expensive stuff, yet actually performs better. I'm just glad I prefer headphones and don't even want to touch speaker systems...
 OMG haha. Please link me! For a long time I've thought to myself that eventually I would want to have a dedicated room and security system for my audio equipment...but houses?! I guess it just means he happens to put the various things in different locations, though. Wonder what his career is...
 I couldn't even fit all the stuff I've had in a signature. XD
I've noticed that more people aren't using signatures anymore. (Myself included for the moment.) I think it's just 'cause some of us have gotten over the initial excitement of things after becoming more experienced, and now we're more focused on things other than bragging about what equipment we have and whatnot. At least that's one reason I can think of.
 Quoting myself here, as it's relevant.  (And that doesn't even get into more expensive headphones.)
Bleck. No. The M50x is a mediocre headphone, especially for the price. The Koss KTXPRO1 sounds far better and is nine times cheaper.
 And that's why I drink energy drinks and soda instead of coffee most of the time. I need to get HIGH and have my mind blown and body put into a frenzy to spark my creativity, inner emotions, and yada yada. lol. Remember this episode of The Looney Tunes Show? I know you've seen it, but I'm sharing it for the others who haven't.  Here's a low quality stream of the full episode:  The full episode (season 1 episode 19) can be streamed in HD here:...
 The thing about Tom Englund is, he has a great voice and sometimes it integrates well into the music in a captivating way, but other times it comes off as too whiny and emo. There seems to be a strong blues influence on his vocals, which is relatively rare for metal.
Caffeine addicts: watch this gem and be heartily amused.  
 The energy drink put me in a frenzy and now I'm in headphone collector mode, put to a soundtrack of electronic trance music and death metal.  
New Posts  All Forums: