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I prefer the HE400i over the HD 700. If you are considering Audeze, you might as well get an HE6 and speaker amp. I like the HE6 more than the HE1000, actually.
 Such is the nature of random YouTube links. "Baby" is a great bonus track. Yeah, I'll get around to all their albums sooner or later...
Curious how it sounds. I have a UR55 on my head right now, a KTXPRO1 on the headphone stand, and used to have the KSC75 and UR40 as well. Koss are the kings of value.
 I have bought, sold, and traded tons of headphones and other gear here with no problems, and only got scammed once. (I traded an expensive headphone for two headphones, but only received one, and the person lied about things and was eventually banned.) The vast majority of the time, you'll be fine. If you pay for something with PayPal and do not receive it, they can get you your money back.
Here are the bonus tracks on various editions of Korn's new album.  [[SPOILER]]   Ya know...I'm capable of using the Internet. (Just not sure why you paste full discographies so often.)
 I'll stick with my custom-made Madoka headphone avatars.   [[SPOILER]]
 Gah. You put your reply inside the quote so I had to go back and copy/paste. Looks like a fan release. I searched for it in quotes and only a handful of results came up. So I assume it's also a fan remix of that song? I did frequency sweeps with my Koss UR55 and the deepest bass frequencies are insane. Only shows up occasionally in music, though.
 Funny thing: I got the deluxe edition of See You On The Other Side when it first came out and haven't heard their newer albums until this newest one. But I don't see any info on a new EP...? And the link you shared for "Twisted Transistor" sounds like the original...?
 Listen indoors...like you always would with open headphones. (I feel embarrassed giving serious answers to joke questions...)
I really like the new Korn. My first link was taken down, so here's another:  
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