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 I have two STAX systems and only spent a few hundred bucks.  The SR-009 is available here for a little over $2,700. Starter amps for it can be found used for as low as a little over $100. Up to the next level, the STAX SRM-323S amp is available here for a little over $500. The TOTL amps do cost four to five figures and reportedly sound better, but are not necessary.
 I pretty much agree with this, since it did sound more three-dimensional, though for me, it wasn't fun in the "bouncy" sense, but instead somewhat lush, warm, and smooth. Kind of a cross between audiophile and fun, or whatever you want to call it. I thought my modded HE400i had a similar sound signature to the HE1000, whereas the HE-6 was more straightforward.
 I still want to try out the Classic! (Owned two Focal Spirit Professionals in the past, but never heard their other headphones.)
 If you get the HE400i, look into the available modifications. The one I owned had the grill mod.
 lol, funny joke article. There obviously was never a real study about this. XD That's another thread I am an avid member of. Here is my post listing some of my favorite metal bands. Although I sold off much of my music collection, the remaining CDs are still available for sale (or trade) here.
 OH GOD, HAHA! This thread is the best. <3
 Yes, though it may depend on settings and the programs you are using. But even if they didn't, it probably wouldn't sound different.
 Now you can update your profile and signature for an instant "street cred" boost!  I also am curious which amp you are using.
 hehe, yeah, I saw your MAL awhile ago (when we talked about it) and was just like "Duuuude." I'll need to add some of the stuff on yours to my gargantuan plan to watch list. But wait...didn't you give Elfen Lied a really low score before? It has a 10 now.
New Posts  All Forums: