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Voxie,   make sure you subscribe to this thread and then you'll get updates for when anything is on....     fran
Ah rotten timing mark! Meet was great, full report over on tir na hifi
I've just done a similar job on my GO1000. I used a y cable I had from a HDD enclosure I bought ages back. I taped off the V+ pin on the input connector to the laptop, and then used one of those phone recharger batteries as the power supply on the other leg of the Y. Works great.
Hey all, In case anyone is reading this, we are meeting again at my place next Sunday 15th February I'd anyone would like to pop along. Send me a pm etc for details.... Fran
GO1000 impressions:   Initial impression show this to be very capable. It can certainly drive my k701s no problem - somthing it has always taken desktop amps to drive adequately before (bear in mind I bought the 1W version, the geekout 1000). So it works very well with headphones. I've tested on both windows systems, and linux. It worked A1 on both systems, and I couldn't complain about either.  I've also tested it with a range of sample rates and it worked flawlessly...
I don't have exact details, solid state design, fet input, mosfet output, high quality power supply. I don't offhand know, but I have a buffalo 2 that you can hear on the day.... Fran
Several DIY amps, and also some commercial ones.     I'm pretty stoked that one of the fellas, fryderyk is bringing his DIY amp - just about the best HPA I've ever heard.    Just for kicks, the computer audio setup will be using horns and all valve amplification (not that you'd know it by listening) along with a variety of custom build PCs, dacs and OSs.   The second room will have a regular array of equipment - full list to be confirmed yet, but it'll be good -...
Hi mark, 1 to 6ish is the plan. Do you want to send me a pm with your email/mobile and I can send you on directions. We have a good line up, both headphone and regular HiFi. Some really really good amps sources etc... Fran
I'd say no prob....let me confirm and be back to you.   Maybe send me on your moby by pm?   Fran
Definitely - we should able to sort a lift. Where are you coming from?
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