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Do you hear the Walrus is dead also?     Merry Christmas, hoping Santa left a Hugo in my stocking instead of the customary lump of coal.
It is a 4 pin XLR correct? If so its a deal Send me paypal Info  Thanks Larry Handal
My Hd-800's remind me of Madonna. Like a Virgen.
This such a fine amp and a steal at this price!
I passed on the Hd-800 for a long time and finally got one.    Face the music. LOL    You will have to try the #1 reference standard sooner or later.     If I had, it would have slowed my headphone collecting. 
Hope they match my Harley Jacket!   
$1800 for a Hugo maybe accounts for his interesting head-fi feedback.
I have and love both. It would be like choosing between your children lolTh900 for that heavy bass and lcdx for luscious midrange
Would like to trade my 4 month old He-6 in excellent condition for a similar new Hd-800. Non smoker home. I am the original owner. I have all boxes and accessories . Willing to add some extra dollars for difference in price. Larry
Just a heads up to 2 Chord Hugo's for sale in our Amps for sale forum!!
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