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Selling excellent condition Uptone Audio USB Regen with original box and accessories. Orange/amber Led Selling because I purchased a Lumin streamer and feed via AES/EBU I will include shipping and PayPal fees. Verified continental USA address only
Selling * Draug v2 - 8x24awg (24-wire / multi-core, equiv. 4x21awg) Litz OCC Tri Multi-Conductor headphone cable Item# DraugSeries2 , Draug Length: 5 ft. , Draug Headphone Type: Sennheiser HD800 , Cable Color Choice: Black/Red , Termination: Dual 3-pin XLR male .. , Exotic Wood Splitter Type (not required): Makassar Ebony (engr.. Sells new for $300 Includes PayPal and shipping continental USA Verified addresses only
Selling a pair of well-maintained, 9/10 condition, Sennheiser HD 800 headphones with box, carton/case, and stock headphone cable.   If you're looking at this ad, I'm not going to go into much detail. These are my favorite headphones under $2,000 because you can easily get a setup that powers them without having to spend a fortune. The clarity is better than almost any other headphone and there is still a low end when you power correctly.  Photos show the 2 barely...
Thanks....something else I misread! Lol.
By standby do you mean on mode 4 when the display turns off? Is the whole unit on standby or is it just the display?
Oops! I quoted Chord Dave's instructions wrong. Pie in the face for me. My sincere apologies to all and specially to Relic. 😬
I gave advice? When? Bless your heart.
I was about to post my impressions on my new Dave. My previous Dac was a Schitt Yggdrasil which kept me happy for the last 2 or 3 years having replaced my Ps Audio PWD2. I was having the upgrade itch and really didn't know what to expect in my testing as I had been satisfied with my Yggdrasil. First I tried out the Lampizator Atlantic and couldn't discern a clear victor. Then I tried the Dave and it was quite different in my system bringing out and separating instruments...
This is why I don't post much in this forum. I can't even ask a simple question without some obnoxious old relic insulting you. I upgraded from the Yggdrasil which I left on for 2 years without regards to the order of turning on or off the amp/preamp therefore the question. Odd that all other responders understood the question and gave me a civil answer
Thanks for the reply I wanted.Larry
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