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My Hd-800's remind me of Madonna. Like a Virgen.
This such a fine amp and a steal at this price!
I passed on the Hd-800 for a long time and finally got one.    Face the music. LOL    You will have to try the #1 reference standard sooner or later.     If I had, it would have slowed my headphone collecting. 
Hope they match my Harley Jacket!   
$1800 for a Hugo maybe accounts for his interesting head-fi feedback.
I have and love both. It would be like choosing between your children lolTh900 for that heavy bass and lcdx for luscious midrange
Would like to trade my 4 month old He-6 in excellent condition for a similar new Hd-800. Non smoker home. I am the original owner. I have all boxes and accessories . Willing to add some extra dollars for difference in price. Larry
Just a heads up to 2 Chord Hugo's for sale in our Amps for sale forum!!
The Hugo I admit is the top dog if you want something portable. No question about it IMO.Purrin puts it way below most of the Dacs you mentioned and he does serious listening to them before categorizing them. I would say depending on which amp and Hp you are using you would probably prefer this or that Dac. I went thru several system metamorphosis and finally arrived at what I have now.The PWD2 is the most analog musical with not overly shrill detailed DAC that I have...
I listened to both the PWD2 and the Hugo although not side by side,  and IMHO the PWD2 was the clear winner. So I bought one.     Didn't mean to upset or nag anyone.    My apologies to all.     
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