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Im sorry but I'm not open to any trades. Thanks though.
Still available.
Excellent condition Audio GD Master 9 purchased March 3,2014.   Beautiful sound. Includes remote and original shipping boxes. Thinning my headphone gear and getting some speakers.    Only a couple of very tiny marks on top of edge (see photo). PRICE REDUCTION!   Includes Paypal and shipping!
If you are that unhappy with the service cancel the order on move on.   You will both be happy you did. LOL
My experience is positive with them. Their customer service is excellent responding within a day or two.  Remember there are a few time zones difference. The product is quite complex and Im sure special orders really slow down the process. The MAN himself probably has to do them or be on top of design changes. Burn in times are 300 hours for the Master-9s  KingWa himself has answered all technical questions when I have needed any information.   Perhaps it's the...
 Thanks, this makes sense,Do you know if its recommended to crank the Dac and the preamp to close to max and control the final volume with the amp? Is the SQ better?I usually use the DACto control the volume and its at 1/2, My preamp is at 3/4 and my amp is at 3/4  Thanks again for your help.
Trying to decide on a Precision 2 to mate to my Master-9 to power my speakers. I wrote to Kingwa and this was his answer : The Precision 2 had the pure amp input, can connect the Master 9 without any problems. If you have the P2, you can try to compare below two connection modes see which is better for you. 1, M9 to P2 (pure amp input via RCA , volume control on the M9. 2, M9 to P2( ACSS input, setting the M9 volume on around 50, volume control on the P2) Kingwa Just an...
I can't imagine KingWa would design a product that would be a problem to DACs and continue to offer it without a fix. I have had no problems with my PWD2 and before with my Yulong. 
Why not treat the Master-9 as a one input device if that would solve the problem? For me it's an easy fix since the only other device I have is a CD player which I seldom use. My only DAC is a PWD2. I am using the Master-9 as a preamp to my ECC 445 and it works beautifully. No hum. I love the sound through my Tektons Lore Reference speakers.
Does that Yggy DAC thingy go between my iPad and my Bose headphones?      Oh Oh and will blue tooth still work?
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