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Reduced again!
Still available!
   Audeze's LCD XC's Closed Back Planar Magnetic Headphones for SALE!  Original MSRP is $1799. I am the original owner. They have been used sparingly over the last year sharing duties with 3 other top of the line headphones.  They are in excellent condition, sound incredible and look very luxurious with the bubinga cups.Only defect is a small ding and very light swirl scratch on one of the cups.  See photo for closeup.     Manufactures warranty ends Jan 2017.  Selling...
Thanks so much for the civil response.  I was not aware of the difference.
Can someone tell me why the above ad does not constitute spam?    Its an honest question....not trolling.
The DV 336SE is such a fun and great amp!  I miss mine but it had to be punished for leading me to get EC445!!!!!!!!!!  Banished the bad boy to a foster home.  I do think about him often and I keep some of his favorite tubes in my closet just in case he visits.
Im sorry but I'm not open to any trades. Thanks though.
Still available.
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