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I have a very gently used PS Audio PWD Mk. II DAC Black in excellent condition.  Was a top rated DAC and the darling of many headfiers for years and can still hold its own.   Original owner, still under warranty! See below! Great Dac with original shipping box and remote control.   Changing and upgrading system. Price includes Paypal fees.      Shipping charges a flat $100 for fedex ground anywhere in the lower 48 states.   PS Audio Registration PerfectWave DAC...
Yep it does and my Macbook Pro under preferences tab or Midi tab the volume controls are inoperable with the Yggy.  Wasn't so with the PWD2.In my research the Axiom II balanced with walker mod appears to be the best of passive preamps but at $649 its pricey.As an alternative I am thinking about getting an integrated amp to replace my Bryston 2.5sst2. A plus is that some have a remote control.
Just got home and quickly put the Yggy in place of my PWd2 and I now have a problem with my volume control. The ps audio pwd2 has a remote and I can alter the volume easily. The yggy is at full gain it appears and now I have to keep the Tidal volume control just a notch above 0 to get my usual listening volume. My chain is MacBook Pro via usb to Yggy to Bryston 2.5 amp to speakers. I used the Pwd2 pretty much as my pre-amp but I can't use the Yggy that way. Am I...
Well a week ago I decided to place the order on a yggy cause the website said 2 to 3 week delivery. I was going on a 10 day business trip so I hoped that would cut down my anticipation. But imagine my surprise when the next day I get an email saying it is shipped and here is the tracking number. My wife received it and it is waiting for me at home! I ordered silver but I don't really care about color.
Reduced again!
Still available!
   Audeze's LCD XC's Closed Back Planar Magnetic Headphones for SALE!  Original MSRP is $1799. I am the original owner. They have been used sparingly over the last year sharing duties with 3 other top of the line headphones.  They are in excellent condition, sound incredible and look very luxurious with the bubinga cups.Only defect is a small ding and very light swirl scratch on one of the cups.  See photo for closeup.     Manufactures warranty ends Jan 2017.  Selling...
Thanks so much for the civil response.  I was not aware of the difference.
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