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Here's your chance to get a practically mint condition Eddie Current 445 Tube amp. This unit is in MINT condition with no marks, scratches or blemishes anywhere I can see. Very low hours. Selling because of tinnitis and now listening mostly thru speakers. Can't risk any more damage to my senior ears. This amp beat out several heavyweights......see my profile. Unbelievable clarity and sparkle as only tubes can do. If you buy this unit new from EC it will cost you...
How did the Stax hp help prevent you cranking them up to harmful levels? Are they not as loud or as bassy?
My main caveat about headphones is that I tend to turn the volume up much louder and this has done a number on increasing my tinnitus. This was the reason I returned back to speakers. By the time I crank them up I am being yelled at by the wife and neighbors. I do prefer speakers because of the stage imaging. My speaker system is as accurate as my Hp system but I invested twice as much to achieve it. Larry
I just got a Dave for evaluation for a few days. It's a healthy notch above my Yggdrasil which I have owned over a year now. It's just a more real presentation of instruments and voices. As is should be considering it's about a 6 fold price difference. If I was to quantify the improvement I would say 10% better imho.
I have a PHD in electrical engineering and I know lambda sine waves are affected by proximity of white lettering because of the alpha neuronal blocking that occurs by the protozoan shield of such introduction to a product. In plain English this means there will be huge increases in the whiney pain in the frequency graph. Mr Cavelli I bet you are sorry you went to the trouble of trying to make this a special which gave their purchase the distinction of being one of the...
Don't feel bad.....there is always one in every crowd. Why I don't post much here.
So do you still have to subscribe to Roon? I would rather not.So I can stream Tidal from my MacBook Pro to a microRendu then usb it to my Yggy?I only use streaming services for my music or do I need a Synology NAS to make this work?Confused
So what I take away from this is to leave OS and MiDI settings on my mac on 44hz and don't force up . Then set Tidal preferences to Yggy with complete control by Tidal. Correct?
Never mind....I found it
Actually this lights up when under Midi I change the format to 1920000hz Also note it's 48hz instead of 44hz. I can make it 44hz under the midi panel and then this forces the Yggy light to go to 44hz So I'm really confused at what would be the best sampling. Why does the the Yggy let me force it into 196000hz and 2ch-32bit integer?
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