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Ahh ic, I didn't see the gaming version. Let me know how it works out =) I dunno it says Realtek® ALC892 here
I wouldn't get H86 g43 as it uses an older generation of Realtek ALC892. I was talking about MSI Z87-g65. Good luck!
Hmm I'm not sure how USB out can improve DAC, as it's just digital signals. Maybe higher stable voltage? I didn't consider Gigabyte Sniper because it's using the Creative chip, which has 102db SNR and doesn't support 7.1. It's funny how this gen of high end motherboards seem to feature worse audio than mid low end boards. They probably expect high end buyer to buy a discrete card anyway. But for sure it's gonna have a huge impact on the mid low end DAC and Amp market. I...
Well, I wouldn't bother with DGX as that thing is not even shielded.  I'd get the motherboard first and see if that's good enough for you. For a $150 (or cheaper) motherboard it's not a big deal.  On the side not, I've heard the MSI Z87-G65 has a similar, but better TI Amp than Asrock Z87 killer. But I'm not sure how well that thing is shield as it is surrounded by PCB caps. 
Here's some new audio benchmark numbers of the new motherboards:   Surprisingly Asus's expensive ROG board is outperformed by most of the new Z87 boards. 
Yea I've looked into it, I think it's the PCB layout of your board. They are too close to the sound chips compared to Z87 Killer. 
Yea that's an amazing PSU, you should do more than fine with that! As for DIY EMI, google it up I guess? Mine's front panel connectors are pretty good, so it's doing fine. 
Your motherboard layout for the audio chips is closer to RPGWizard's Extreme 4 layout with the Purity Sound chip surround closely by PCBs. He's experiences EMI problems because of it. So I don't know, give it a try? Make sure your front panel connector is of good quality.  Do some DIT shielding if you hear background noise. PSU plays a big role for the audio too as that's the heart of the computer and ripples can create noise. My Z87 Killer has no audible noise thank god,...
Yea I hear you man. But this gen of console situation has never happened before, where all 3 platforms use the same architectures. It would be incredibly easy to port games from Xbox One to windows because of it, along with Mantle codes. Mantle performance is said to be 20% to 50% boost because the CPU draw overheads are eliminated. I think any big console game will without a doubt utilize it for upcoming games. BTW PS4 is supposed to have the same audio DSP as the...
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