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You could give Tiamat 7.1 a try. It's the only "true" 7.1 headphone right now. It's speakers is accurate enough to let me pwn in twitch shooter. Sounds pretty good too after lots of calibrations. It's not easy but well worth it. There's a 5.1 setup from Psyko which featured some interesting tech. Unfortunately the headphone was built like ****. Tritton's true 5.1 headphone was not that great either. 
Creative is pretty much dead now for motherboards as almost every single new Intel boards with z97 or X99 chips are running Realtek 1150. So it's really about who has better shielding. Anandtech does tests on that if you are interested. I never bought into the whole virtual surround thing. All it did is making my gaming sound distorted and unreal.  Some asrock boards are waterproof or like mine have a dehumidifier. That might help in your situation.
 Anandtech test onboard audio quality of motherboards. You might look there first before you buy.
You might have to the pro version of Razer Surround to calibrate the surround sound for your headphone and your ear. Dolbi Headphone actually works only for some people due to ear differences. Razer's tech is similar, but let you calibrate it for your headphone and ear to achieve surround sound. Of course you can always get a real surround sound headphone like Razer Tiamat 7.1. Work amazingly for me in online FPS giving me a huge advantage over my enemies. So good that...
What type of virtual surround are you looking for? If for gaming, I'd suggest Razer Surround Personalized 7.1 Gaming Audio Software. It's free and has some pretty good user feedbacks. 
Ahh ic, I didn't see the gaming version. Let me know how it works out =) I dunno it says Realtek® ALC892 here
I wouldn't get H86 g43 as it uses an older generation of Realtek ALC892. I was talking about MSI Z87-g65. Good luck!
Hmm I'm not sure how USB out can improve DAC, as it's just digital signals. Maybe higher stable voltage? I didn't consider Gigabyte Sniper because it's using the Creative chip, which has 102db SNR and doesn't support 7.1. It's funny how this gen of high end motherboards seem to feature worse audio than mid low end boards. They probably expect high end buyer to buy a discrete card anyway. But for sure it's gonna have a huge impact on the mid low end DAC and Amp market. I...
Well, I wouldn't bother with DGX as that thing is not even shielded.  I'd get the motherboard first and see if that's good enough for you. For a $150 (or cheaper) motherboard it's not a big deal.  On the side not, I've heard the MSI Z87-G65 has a similar, but better TI Amp than Asrock Z87 killer. But I'm not sure how well that thing is shield as it is surrounded by PCB caps. 
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