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 Isn't that a general truth about most any type of fan(atic), though?
A few questions for the edification of interested buyers: Which color scheme are these (Matte Black, Shadow, or White Pearl)? Are you the original owner? Do they have any cracks (even hard-to-spot hairline ones)?
 They were backordered for 3-4 weeks a while ago. V-MODA must make the XLs in small batches, since I imagine the only people buying them are the very small population of head-fiers seeking them out.
 More of an old low, considering that "article" is over a month old...
 Marone, I think Saraguie's post was meant to point to the fact that even a cursory search would tell you the Pono player is nowhere near release yet (October is the projected "maybe" date as per the Kickstarter page, which should be an early stop for anyone actively looking into the Pono), and therefore no one here has heard the device or can offer feedback on how it actually sounds.
 Please elaborate on these differences in DAC performance, and their effects.
 This thread took a weird turn.
 Actually, as CEO, Val has granted himself the title of "Chief Visionary Officer" -- so SpiderNhan was correct, grammatically and factually. Also, it's spelled "grammar," officer.     EDIT: Beaten to it by SpiderNhan himself.  
 But...but...but...This place misleads people all the time. Why do you think its slogan is "Welcome to [the corporate-sponsor-driven culture of] head-fi, and sorry about your wallet"?  As far as these types of jokes happening in the future, I suggest everyone simply mark April 1st on their calendars from now on.
 Ah. Humor. Thank you.
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