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 I'd recommend hand washing to start. Not sure how durable those guys would be in a spin cycle.
Perhaps, stuck limo -- knowing what you know -- you could verify if the screws listed here look fit for the task?:   The specs look promising (M1.6 socket head screws that take a 1.5mm hex key)...We would just need to be sure the 0.35mm thread pitch is the same, and to know what the preferred length would be (i.e. 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, or 6mm).   Kinda silly that they're so...
Yeah, that seems more appealing to me, too...provided they don't decide to repurpose old M80 stock and backpedal on one of their signature (CliqFold™©®℠℗§☮☪☂☢) features again. But hey, at least it will have world-class screws!  
 Yay for science! As a fellow MTPC devotee, I'm looking forward to your impressions, csglinux.
 Good questions. I'd love for there to be a remote-free version, myself.
 With the exception of the DJs all of V-MODA's over-the-ear headphones are cross-marketed towards, of course...
 Well, I guess that's one way to ensure your AK240 investment goes unchallenged.
 Isn't that a general truth about most any type of fan(atic), though?
A few questions for the edification of interested buyers: Which color scheme are these (Matte Black, Shadow, or White Pearl)? Are you the original owner? Do they have any cracks (even hard-to-spot hairline ones)?
 They were backordered for 3-4 weeks a while ago. V-MODA must make the XLs in small batches, since I imagine the only people buying them are the very small population of head-fiers seeking them out.
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