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 I will look into the Audio-GD and see if I could get it in time, since i will be in US for a week only.Between the Schitt and JLabs combos, is the price difference worth?
Good aft HF,   In 2 months I'm going to US and gonna get a Sennheiser HD600 + a amp/dac. I already own a V-Moda M100, so i wanna get a good amp/dac for both the HD600 and the M100.   Atm my options are:   - Magni2 + Modi2 - JLabs O2+Odac combo - FiiO E17 - FiiO E7 - Sony PHA-1   Wut would be the best choice for both the HD600 and M100?   Thnx in advance
Thnx for the reply, Did some tests this weekend and all cables that come with the M100 (the mic one and the sharing one) are 3 connection points. Couldnt test with a 2 connection points cable, and im trying to get one to test.   Its really weird tho
Up still having the problemas. Vmoda + xonar = mono Vmoda + anything else = normal Sibéria v2, klipsch sii + xonar = normal
No, only on the DGX.
Hi Head-fiers, I have a Xonar DGX on my desktop and when i plug my M100 on it the sound go Mono. It happens only with this pairing.   Anyone knows wut can it be?
Ow thanks for that tip, I was really afraid i would find any store to tryout the headphone. I will send a email asking for the availability =)
Good morning Head-fiers,   Next month, I'm going to NY and I'll buy my first hi-fi cups, but I'm having trouble choosing the best pair for my taste.   One of the main reasons is that I don't have the headphones on hand to test, so I will have to base on some feedback from you head-fiers =P. The other reason is the taste for different styles of music, in order of most to least heard: Rock, Metal, Trance, Jazz, Hip Hop, Progressive and Classic.  As for DAC/AMP, I'm...
First of all, thanks for replying. What about a good cable replacement for it? Can u suggest me one? After watching Tyll review i got really woried about the stock ones.
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