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Quote:I can't see why you can't do so, but its probably more efficient for cooling to keep MOSFETs outside so you dont heat air inside of enclosure. My MOSFETs run quite hot even with http://item.ebay.com/390627718088/ those or atleast my heat sinks are quite hot so I think MOSFETs are too. That 380mA is @ 48V so you will be ok when your leds take 20mA @ 3.3V or so. I am using point-to-point with wooden enclosure and I don't have any grounding problems. Only small problem...
Hello everyone. This is my first audio project. Lets start with couple photos(shot with iPhone 4), quality is not that good, but I hope that you get idea.             Case is made from Heat threated Magnolia and its coated with clear lacquer. Tubes are 12AU7 from Sylvania. Building case took like 6h and electronic side almost 10h.   Sound is good. There is hum/buzzing sound when volume is turned high enough(without source) and I gets louder when touching...
Ray-Ban warriors with gradient polarized lenses.
I started play LoL one year ago. Almost managed to climp to gold. So still in silver. Playing at EUW.
I used Creative Fatal1ty headset for long time, but mic on those is quite bad. After starting to use random desktop mic I bought Superlux HD-668 B and have been using those since. 
Snowy White - Bird of Paradise Lord of The Rings OST and random tracks from Hans Zimmer
2001 Saab 9-5 2.0t Wagon Biopower Stage 1
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