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None. Soundstage and sounding should be out of the box ideal for positioning stuff ;) Just try something out, if its better for you.
This site measured it:
I wouldnt buy the K712 blind, without comparing it to the T90 (the T90 should be technically better in resolution, soundstage etc). Look more into the K701/K702/Q701 (Q701 more bassy)   But.. the AKGs need quite power. The Mixamp is not very strong. Might wanna look into easier to drive headphones.   Lets start abit easy: 1. Do you want an open or closed can design? 2. Do you want strong bass, or more natural/neutral sounding for all details?
for MY ears, the SE 215 was comfortable, and fit very well.   And yes, its worth the price - IF you are looking for a basshead iem. It has raised bass + mids, and some lower treble -> warm sounding.   Also, theres a small Peak at 5 Khz~
If this 13 MP camera is the same as the One mini 2 and HTC One E8, then its still a good bunch worse compared to the M8 camera (higher resolution yes, but ANY aspect is worse. Color saturation, sharpness, low light performance etc. Check the Pocketnow review for the E8^^ Not an in depth comparison but still measurements:
With ease ;)
I didnt said, i used them on 100 ohm DX (maybe the frontpanel was lower). I just tested it. If you didnt liked the SE 215 on your 3,45 Ohm Galaxy S3, then you just dont like how the SE 215 sounds.0.1 Ohm will not sound any differently. Just as 3,45 Ohm will not even close change the sounding by any hearable amount (even if it does, it will not be more than just a tiny nuance)The Impedance curve over the WHOLE frequency is perfectly flat. So output impedance shouldnt affect...
A too high output impedance is not really making any problems with low headphone impedances. The problem is, when you have IEMs with multiple BA-Drivers. Like, different bass drivers, mid drivers and treble drivers. Those different drivers get influenced by the output impedance differently, so the overall tonality is changed (like lower bass, higher treble). I have tried Shure SE 215 on a 100 Ohm Asus Xonar DX (but Frontpanel), and it didnt sounded strange   A low...
Not sure. According to a chinese site, its around 9 ohm: But for my ears it seems lower. No difference to my old 3.45 ohm Galaxy S3. My ue 900 run very well on my M8. On my Asus Phoebus soundcard, they run alittle worse (which has 10 ohm~)
(Oh, small edit here at the start.... Beats Studio Wireless, which ones? the old ones, or the new 2.0? The old ones are utterly crap. If you can get them for 50-80 dollar new, thats the pricerange they should be in, considering the Audio quality, Material quality and Build Quality. Here in Germany you can get a Logitech UE 6000 for 80€ (instead the old 199€), and they Destroy the old beats studio in sound quality AND build quality. Believe me, you Even for 150-200 dollar...
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