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Depends. What exactly are you looking for?   The ATH M50 are very overrated in my Opinion. They do sound "fun" (bassy), but the soundstage is VERY small. Making them a good headphone, but NOT a good choice for Gamers (who need a good soundstage for positional audio).   Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro for example or Custom One Pro / Custom studio should be better here. Or open ones, like DT 990, or the in that Pricerange godlike AKG K612 (slightly worse than the Excellent AKG...
Got my S7 Edge (european, Exynos chip) since a Week now.   Didnt listened really much, but i honestly didn't notice any big differences to my old HTC one M8 (which was really good... Low output impedance, 1.2 Volt output). If there are differences, then its just small nuances.   And, with either my Logitech UE 900 IEMs, or my Beyerdynamic T90 (250 Ohm), i could NOT endure max volume. It was disco-volume for me, and that's just way too much.  Can't see myself every...
If it can drive one of those, it should be the sennheiser. Planar technology + lower sensetivity = needs more Power to drive.   The difference in Impedance doesnt do anything here. My 250 Ohm Beyerdynamic T90 (which i can't endure at 15/15 volume on my one m8, no volume-mods) is pretty much just as loud, as my 32 Ohm Superlux 681 (b).
Btw, the Kingston HyperX Cloud (and Cloud 2, which are technically the same), are based on the Headphones "Takstar Pro 80". So they arent "Gaming Headsets" like most others, they are actually real Headphones with a mic on it. And tons of stuff in like adapters :D )   One of the only headsets i like to recommend.   But nice to hear, that this usb soundcard is better, Thx ^^
Holy fok man, buy it. Blind. lol Even for 200€ i think it's one of the best closed headphones you can buy. But for 70? This is like a Dream.    Like i said, compared t your DT 770, "tighter bass, better mids", so it can most probably completely replace your DT 770 Pro. Which you can sell for easy More than 70€.   Even if you dont find them better, its 70€... Thats like 35% of the new Price.
A description would be helpful. What exactly? Tonality? Does it feels like soundquality is just really bad?   (try another source. Like another computer, your smartphone etc.
Even worse: Some said, it needs more power, than the 250 Ohm DT-series. The T (Tesla) series is MUCH more efficient.
But it should be much more expensive? DT 880 costs 215-230€ here. AKG K712 costs 350€, almost like the better T90.   And, since the K712 is pretty much just an K701 with WORSE soundstage/resolution, but MORE bass.... well, i would NOT buy the K712 without comparing it directly to a T90. (but again, with MY known prices. idk how prices are in your country^^)
I would mention the Beyerdynamic T90 (if you arent allergic to a bit treble). I found it quite spacious, althrough i am not very sensetive for soundstage comparisons. Pricerange is also quite nice. For 399€ atm, sometimes 350€, the soundstage, precision, and details are truly incredible.
Yup, the solo 2 is the only good beats. Especcially for his 140€ price her ein germany~. (see Innerfidelity review). He was also disappointed of the Studio 2, and i would not buy it. Directly compared to the Fidelio X2 is like day and night. The Studio feels like a cheap plastic toy, that fell off a McDonalds kids menu. While the X2 is build with a really high quality, and good materials. It's soundquality is also by far superior. But again: The studio is closed, and...
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