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 Maybe my ears are bad because I never get this feeling when listening to em. I listen to em through a Fiio E17 and they do sound very good, they just never confuse me for speakers or make me think the sound is coming from infront of me.
MA900 is great for movies but really only shines if you pair it with like an astro mixamp or some other decent surround sound processor at least in my opinion.
 Ya I agree. Also it is quite hard to fight Apple and it seems they are paying off the government too. I remember one of the suits between Samsung vs Apple was going on and Samsung actually won the suit but Obama overruled Apple's punishment. 
 But they would have to include the adapter with the phone or all but the most loyal apple fans will move to android. Even then I don't think people would like to have an adapter sticking out of their phone to plus in their headphones.  I guess it could be profitable selling adapters to those who lost or broke theirs though.
 This + the fact that most consumers aren't audiophiles so wouldn't even know one smartphone has a better DAC then another, all they would know is that the iPhone doesn't have a proper headphone jack and the other smartphones do.
 They leak a ton since they are very open headphones but it's nowhere near as bad as speakers. As long as your in your room alone with the door closed I highly doubt you will wake anyone in your family. The contact with your ears depends on your ear size and where they are positioned on your head. For me if I have them on with my ears right in the middle, only the top edge of my ears touches the cloth covering the driver. Clamping force is very light so it shouldn't hurt...
I'm interesting in this comparison also. I have the MA900.
A less muddy ATH-M50 bass. I guess by thick I just mean more low end rumble and probably a little slower decay. I like the MA900 bass but I prefer something that will rumble a little bit, not necessarily just hit hard and disappear. I don't want the bass to be poor quality though because I like being able to hear the individual instruments and notes, it makes the music more enjoyable for me.    Idk, maybe a thick rumbly bass that also has good quality can't exist, but...
I think it's just the fact that I went from an open back headphone known for sub-bass roll off to a closed back known for emphasized sub-bass.   I'm using a Fiio E17 which is said to be a good pairing for the MA900. I am just desiring the MA900 sound with a bit of sub-bass rumble.
It's not just really impact I'm looking for, I'm wondering if any of the mid-fi open backs have a thick bass. After some listening it seems I like a thicker sound rather then an airy one. I do enjoy the large soundstage and the wonderful midrange of the MA900 however.   The Hifiman HE-400 does seem interesting because it's supposed to have a nice midrange, and the bass extends deep so I'm guessing it would sound thick? It's also at an affordable price point too. I'm...
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