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Amazon lowered the price of JVC HA-FX101-A-E Xtreme Xplosives from 18,5 to 12,3 euro ! At this price there is simply no competition !
Went for JVC HA-FX101-A-E Xtreme Xplosives. What can beat it's price quality at 18,5 euro ?
I lost my JVC HA-FX1X on a holiday in Spain. Now I think to buy JVC HA-FX101-A-E . Considered that I lose things sometimes, 50 euro is the max. I listen to Electronic House music and need lots of powerfull bass.  50Є for Hisoundaudio Wooduo 2  would be just the limit, but they are not for sale in Europe as far as I know. I prefer also a reliable supplier like Amazon, so that I can send them back in case of troubles. Choosing the right ear-buds is not only a question of...
Hisound Wooduo 2 is also not for sale for us poor Europeans .  Could only find them on Ebay coming from Hong Kong, or from the US of course.
Thanks Snyper for sharing your experience. This site ? Newbie never noticed classifieds on this site, will look. The problem is that Europe is relatively expensive for electronics. I wanted for example the Velodyne Vpulse, but they were even not available here. But I just Googled them again and there is a German importer now, who sells them for 100€, free shipment, via Amazon.de.  In the US about 90$ free shipment.  The cheapest I could find xb90ex here is at 111€ shipment...
Hi, I am a bass head. An extreme one I think. I listen only to electronic dance music. Minimal and Progressive House music more precis. I need a short dry strong low and loud bass. One that makes my pants vibrate ... if it is on a party. So i am constantly on the hunt for extra bass earbuds. I own JVC HA-FX1X and they produce the best bass of the 20 or so earbuds I owned so far. I recently read about the Sony MDRXB600. They were according to the writer, the best sub 100$...
New Posts  All Forums: