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  MATTE vs. SHADOW - A SALES # QUAGMIRE PRE-PS- Sorry typos do not have much time! Forum team - the sales data of Matte vs Shadow is AMAZING and a quagmire that we cannot solve.  When we first launched M-100, Matte Black destroyed Shadow in sales.  After New Years, Shadow beat Matte Black.  Since then, it is wildly neck to neck and has huge variations month to month that we cannot make sense of. I will ask my CFO if we can share a graph of Matte vs Shadow vs White sales,...
 Also, we are proud that after a few years of launching our first "M-Class" series product that it eventually became the #1 on-ear on Head-Fi based on user ratings. It was our first product targeted for audiophile and "modern audiophile" appeal and I feel we achieved our goals. We always try to set the bar higher! 
Two new videos on XS by Digital Trends and CNET!CT0Yg   Great feedback so far, I can't wait to hear more!
 SIX STAR SERVICE is our goal.  We want customers for life, so we'll do what we can within reason to make service easy and even fun. We added Skype for service now too! _V
 Yes, shadow is an amazing color scheme... I'll never forget the story behind how we came up with the idea... my friend at Apple and Deadmau5' manager actually thought of it!  Deadmau5 manager said "I know this sounds stupid, but what about mouse hair".. I said, "that's not stupid, ALCANTERA suede!!!" -V   
 At this time we do not have another "base color" scheme planned, but the more we sell the more we can make the case to release more! We do believe these two base colors work very well for a variety of custom shields, as you can add any color shield and it will match nicely. -V 
Yes, it was for two reasons, in no order: BOILING POINT - as in this product is going to be hot! MANHATTAN - I live in Milano but I love NYC too, there is energy there like no other!  Like you said, the XS is a perfect product for the streets of NYC and every day use.  #LIMITLESS NEW UNBOXING VIDEOWhile in NYC I did an unboxing Youtube video w/UrAvgConsumer. PS- I am going to continue to practice my video skills - I am not an actor, I'm an engineer!  
 I would agree with this... XS and M-100 are both designed to be versatile headphones "for a variety of courses". I will post more later on the use cases and accessories we built for each headphone during development. We focused on how they'd both work for travelers and commuters, "smart" consumers every day, musicians/DJ, sports, gamers and audiophiles/modern audiophiles.  Here is a color photo we took from the Rome Forums photo shoot that we did to celebrate the...
 Well I got the idea after years of research, but then it hit me in London when I was on the tube and it says "MIND THE GAP"!  That is what I've felt for so long about headphones and industrial design in general.  I am sure there are other connotations, but it is catchy and cool and it gets the point across!!! -V
 Shoot me a message, we are making videos for YouTube! This extended video is pretty slick, it is a bit artistic and is meant to be an exploration of style. It is really interesting if you haven't seen it!  We actually have different cuts of it (with/without DJ mentions, etc):  -V
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