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Sorry for the lack of posts, I just got back from a short but MUCH needed holiday in Sicily before I am off globetrotting once again to NYC & Tokyo. I am now back in the Milan studio and our team is preparing for CanJam London.     We will have Crossfade Wireless and Zn in-ear for you to test drive at CanJam, I cannot wait for the community to audition and use these new products. If you can make it to London this weekend, you definitely...
 It does....  AnakChan is the only one with a production unit now, but we'll have more out very soon and at CanJam London! It was no small feat... -V
 I was too, trust me...  Steve Guttenberg from CNET and I had long discussions about how we hated wireless, he even had bad nightmares about it!   But I'd love for you to try these, it may convert you as it did Sean and I!  Plus, remember, the passion of analog is the heart of this headphone as it is made to be played in wired analog equally to wireless. However, we cannot deny that smaller devices (like smartwatches) and even possibly smartphones in the near future may...
We worked really hard on perfecting the new magnetic screwdriver and new threaded screws. Can someone others comment on their experience? In some older production runs we may have torqued the screws too tight. But we fixed it quick and the vast majority should have an excellent exprience. We also will always help you with our six star service if you need anything at all.
I'll post more Intel on Zn soon... stay tuned. But we finished the first small production run of Crossfade Wireless and then Zn is in the middle now. Lots of work behind the scenes to make sure everything from the sound to packaging is perfect!
 YES IT DOES have a built in hidden mic on the right front side.... and it has been tuned as best as we can to work in any environment and with Siri/Cortana/Google Now/OK Google. I use it all the time and people say it sounds great.  Like any omni-directional mic, loud restaurants, etc are always tougher.  But for everyday, it is like having a conference room wherever you go.  I use it for business meetings even when I am out running. -V 
 It was done, I'll post a link to all the photos from the forums. And we didn't get kicked out in the XS forum photoshoot, Jude and I were booted when we tried to video there!The XS at the forums was on the cover of the Headphone Gift Guide last summer. -V
New article today on XS ->     http://www.macworld.com/article/2970230/back-to-school/three-alternatives-to-beats-solo2-headphones.html
 Exactly, besides our customers were demanding it! I think we have made the best yet, especially AND at a lower price than most so that you can add accessories or upgrade later. -V
 I was prepared for that ;> Friends, forums, countrymen, modern audiophiles… lend me your ears. Finally, you can cut loose from cables OR go analog with your beloved AMP/DAC in the same headphone. I eat my words now, here is why… I used to say I would never make wireless headphones. Steve Guttenberg (Audiophiliac from CNET) and I used to share the same nightmares - that people are buying and listening to over-processed headphones that they will just throw in their junk...
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