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 Thanks for the feedback! 1) It definitely is not a fashion accessory, it is a headphone aimed at the head-fi community, mobile modern audiophiles (who need a microphone for calls/Siri/Google Now/Cortana) and for mobile musicians community, first and foremost.  The fashion is just the skin on the core. 2) Well, to be honest, we could only buy 50,000 of the precise tuning material (Made in Italy) we needed to make it sound the way it sounds.  After that, they discontinue...
 I think it is a positive, it makes it an exclusive product!  Like vino, quality wineries have a maximum yield per year.  And as the saying goes, it gets better with age when you choose a vintage reserve!
NEWS FLASH!   We have decided only 25,000 units of Zn will ever be made.  I'll tell you why later, but it has to due with the air flow mechanics material supplier. But I can confirm that they sound ABSOLUTELY SPECTACULAR AND LEAGUES ABOVE THEIR PRICE POINT - I GUARANTEE IT.   -V   STAY TUNED!!!
 Within 2 weeks on the site... We are aiming for the 4th of August to finish the content.
Acoustic tuning and dampening materials precision selected for their micro-density and micro-woven/interwoven characteristics:      Cavi cavi cavi e Kevlar!  (cables in Italian)  
MUST SEE VIDEO:   "Ever wonder how the little R + L is laser-etched into the metal on our headphones?"   Zn "R" lasering in mass production:    
Forum friends,   It has been a tough month as we are working day and night to launch the new in-ear and another special project.  I've been traveling between Japan, Hong Kong, China and Taiwan (soon) every week.   Believe it or not, it is mostly the little things that sting - fixing the packaging and insert black/contrast levels, cable ties, etc. are giving us fits at this stage in the product development process.  I'll give updates on "Zn" this weekend, we are ramping...
Actually, this was one of the biggest issues.  The red/black HEAVILY outsold the matte black (I believe 3 to 1) and we miscalculated the demand as usually matte black is about equal or outsells red/black. TBC... -V
 I'll chime in soon... The quantities of enthusiast/audiophile vs pro vs music instruments vs CE vs fashion in quite interesting. We actually made and sold quite a few more than everybody guessed, but there is a catch I'll explain later... :> I have a lot of experience in 11 years of product sales and forecasting, it is very intriguing to guess before you make a product and you can never ever be right.  Especially when you mix in colors, or two black variations........ -V
V-MODA VAMP VERZA IS NOW $400   http://V-MODA.com/VAMP  
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