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so I did some research on akg k545 and found it is absolutely a very good pair of cans. However, I see reviews say that its isolation is not very impressive. I would be very appreciated if anyone can tell me its isolation level compares to m100.  Also I noticed some mentioned that the thicker the pads the better the isolation, so does anyone here who has their XL pads installed experience better isolation?
Thanks for your guys reply. wish I could know that earlier. Thought I did enough research but looks like not good enough. Thought all closed back cans do good job at isolation.has anyone tried b&w p7 or sony mdr-1r?Do they do a great job at isolation?If I can't make do with m100's isolation (I often listen at library)I might consider switching.
hi guys, I just got my m100 delivered to me yesterday and I tried them on right away. The sound did not disappoint me at all!However, my friend next to me said the sound leaked a little and as I was listening a high pitched vocal, he said he could hear every word she was singing. My volume was only set to about 50%. Is it because m100 doesn't isolate sound very well or mine is defected?
I believe Poweramp plays FLAC well. Still, very appreciate your advice.   Since you guys all recommend X3, I decided I will go with it   Again, thank you guys for your advice.
Thanks for the reply! Tho I think e18 also works as dac/amp when it connected to computer. I assume you mean X3 sounds better in that combination then? 
No one knows?  Pump!!!
Hi guys! I'm new to the community and actually new to the field of HiFi so I am not an audiophile just yet. Thus, I have been studying a lot about audiophile terms and HiFi products and in the end ordered a pair of V-moda m100 to get me started with my lifelong journey as an audiophile.   I would like to get the best SQ on the go out of my rather limited budget so I decided to get a portable amp/dac which I decided that to be Fiio e18 since my source on the go is mainly...
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