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Looking for an Oppo PM-3 shipped to the US, as I think it will fit my criteria for an ideal closed headphone. I'd prefer the black model. Please PM me with pics and price. I also have several headphones to work in a partial trade with additional cash, including: AKG K551 AKG K553 Sennheiser HD650 Sennheiser HD598 Denon D2000 Hifiman RE-400 NAD Viso HP50 (red)   Thanks!
Nope, just a regular Magni 2
Hi guys, looking to sell these small amps. planning to go bigger. Would consider trades for tube amps and/or DACs, with cash either way. Both purchased directly from Schiit, Vali about a year ago, Magni 2 about 6 months ago. Both in very good condition, shipping to US included in price. Vali is missing rubber feet. Vali: $100 Magni 2 $90   Vali sold. Holding on to the Magni unless for a trade, or until I purchase a new amp, as it's my last desktop amp.
Very interested. I have quite a variety of gear that I've personally owned to compare with that you can see on my profile, and I'd love to do a detailed comparison with the HD800 I currently have, which seems to be one of the main competitors. I also participated in the HE-400i demo tour when those were released, and ended up purchasing them.
I'm in the process of getting them all. If you have a specific pair you're interested in, I'll probably be able to pm you pics of it sooner.
Hi guys. Need to downsize the collection a bit to free up some cash, possibly for a big purchase down the road. I have the following available.   Sennheiser HD700 used like new, original packaging. $475 $450   Hifiman HE-400i  used, excellent condition,  $375 $360   Denon D2000 some cup scratching, cable sheath has a frayed part that is taped over, totally functional and overall decent shape. $200 $190. no box.   Mr. Speakers Alpha Dogs. used like new, Claret,...
Mine is sitting in my cart, expires in 3 minutes. Probably not going to go for it. :(   Nevermind, just remembered that the waitlist is a thing.
Can anyone tell me the hex key size for the vari-bass port? I don't happen to have a set lying around, and searching the Mr. Speakers site and this thread hasn't come up with anything so far. Thanks.
I've reached a point of satisfaction with closed backs with my recent acquisition of alpha dogs, so my old closed back cans have to go.   NAD Viso HP50. Red, like new, with box and accessories. $190 Denon D2000 Good condition, slight scratching on cups, minor kink in cable. $210 Denon D2000 Good-ish condition, with alpha pads and carbon fiber detachable cable by Mimic Cables. SOLD Sennheiser Momentum on-ear Ivory, Like new, with box and accessories. $90   Prices...
I believe you're looking for the Shure SE215, which can actually be found new on amazon for $100, if you're in the US.
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