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If the AK220 is priced about the same as the AK120 Titan, I'm probably gonna get one, liking the looks and the improved UI.
  Astell&Kern AK100MkII & Fitear Parterre
Should be able to come! This is going to be my first ever audio meet LOL
For a stock system - mine sounds decent, I'd have to say. I'm driving an MY11 Accord Euro (known as the Acura TSX in USA).   From the factory, mine has a Panasonic 6-CD Changer Head Unit with 10 speakers that consists of : 2 - Tweeters 2 - Front Speakers 2 - Rear Speakers 2 - Parcel Shelf Speakers 1 - Center Speaker 1 - 8" Subwoofer (the speakers are made by Alpine from what I've heard - haven't confirmed it myself though)   This system has pretty nice trebles...
 The MkII has slightly better bass and mids compared to the MkI - the difference is not that big but still quite noticable. All this talk about the RWAK100 makes me want to try one -- sadly no one that I know in Sydney owns a RWAK100 
 Have you tried the AK100MkII before?I'm really curious as to how the RWAK100 sounds compared to the AK100MkII with IEMs since they have lower output impedance compared to the AK100MkII.
 Just got my Parterre recently - tried all of the stock FitEar tips and none of them gives me good fit and sound.I am currently using the smallest Comply T200 tips, and it gives me really good fit.
 I recently got the MkII as well! Loving it so much!I'm still curious on how the DX50 sounds though up until now lol, never tried one since no one I know has one...  I tried plugging in my AK100MkII to my mid-2011 iMac running Mavericks, it's not even detected in the Sound system preferences....
 I think so, yes.Had a folder with album art in there but not embedded into the music file, the album art did not show up when I'm playing the files from that folder on my MkII. I ended up embedding it using kid3 from my Mac, works fine now.But there are some files (FLAC & mp3s) that even after I embedded all the tag info and album art, it still did not show on the player.
 Did you try it with your FitEar ToGo 334? The RX Mk3-B/B+ does not seem to work nicely with IEMs, I tried that combo as well with my Sony XBA-40s and it's got pretty loud hiss as well.Friend tried it with his FitEar Parterre and AKG K3003 and there's the same issue with it. It works and sounds brilliant with the Denon AH-D7100EM though.
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