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Hey, Hitler didn't give up. Neither should Bowei!
Doesn't everyone? Grumpy cat loves it. I, a straight male, love it. Tumblr loves it. Who doesn't love it?
That feel when you really need a payment to go through, so you can stop watching the remaining units tick slowly to 0. EDIT: Got it!
IIRC it's about $90 in the US, but I'll end up paying more since I'm in Canada. I hate the exchange rate ;_;
When I clicked the sorting arrows it stopped responding for a while. It came back eventually (maybe 20 seconds?), but I couldn't sort by score anymore. Nothing happened.Screw it, I'm getting the Xenoblade Chronicles X Special Edition.
Hey man, step up those deals. As long as you're not too slow you should be able to post them first. But if you're second, it's no use! Meh, I'm out. Maybe I'll add more later.
Well, I feel like I stepped into the wrong thread. I guess I'll post my info anyway.   Age: 15   Grade: 12th   And my equipment is in my sig. I understand that we're all in the same age range, but let's all try to keep our hormonal outbursts in check, kay? This is a happy place.
Sorting with score seems to break it a bit. But in terms of looks? Way better. Way better than what I could do anyway :P
So, uh... I think I posted here ages ago, when the thread was new. Anyway, I wanted to say that I just ordered a pair and they're on their way! Viva la personal Christmas present.
King who is
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