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Must've missed that issue
Feeling super inadequate for auditioning nothing more expensive than a SR325i.
There's a new Sailor Moon? How did I not know this? :P
More or less what I moved today. Exhausting? Yes. Still better than Twilight.
I'm not sure my school has anything like that. It's an inner city school and due to my new location, I'm technically an inner city kid (I say technically because I still have pretty nice stuff and a pretty nice life, and I'm on the very edge of the catchment area). The tour I went on basically screamed nice place, but underfunded. I only managed to carry all that stuff because my mind was in another place, I'm actually pretty weak for my size.
I'm pretty much over it now, and I'm already using that stuff for my acne (it certainly helps, but it's still super noticeable on my 2 showers a day über clean skin). I sorta, mighta, kinda moved 80% of my stuff down 2 flights of stairs, 5 blocks, and up 5 flights of stairs to my room. My bed and collectibles were another story, and I popped them on a U-Haul and got a friend to drive them.I then proceeded to shimmy them up 5 flights of stairs.
We should totes hook up, but I don't have any internet right now because I literally just finished moving.
Mostly my weight to be honest, I was never a small kid (I remember people marvelling at my size 11 shoes in 4th grade) and I hit puberity at about age 10. People bugged me about it and I started eating to calm my nerves. Needless to say, that made the situation worse and people really started giving me hell. I was about 5'11 in 7th grade, had horrible acne (still do) and I was about 250 pounds, so you can imagine what happened. The bullying got pretty physical, I started...
I think I mentioned it like, once, a few weeks ago.No internet until tomorrow, so I'll have to coast off my 3G until then.Also tomorrow, my first time not being homeschooled in almost 4 years, and I have a metric ton of anxiety disorders and stuff so that's going to be... interesting. I actually left because of pretty severe bullying before so I'm freaking out in a major way right now.
I'd probably get scared and physically assault the machine while promptly falling all over myself.Done moving in to the new apartment!
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