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Thanks Gibosi! Just popped 'em in and now I'm enjoying some Dark Side of the Moon!
I think that's the comfiest looking thing I've ever seen.
They really should. So much pizzazz^^This one right here from SHENZHENAUDIO^^ Sorry about not including that in the first post.
I finally finished Shinobi on the PS2. That was a hard game, but at least I feel confident that I can beat F-Zero GX's story mode on Very Hard .
Okay, noob question for a thread that seems mostly dormant... Does the 1+ come with the right internal settings for the 6JI out of the box or do I have to fiddle around with the internals first? I'm asking because I literally just remembered that I don't own any screwdrivers.
As I said, really low heat. I'm way too jittery around electronics.
Just finished Xenoblade Chronicles yesterday.   It's so awesome that words can't explain it.   Carry on.
Ouch. At least they didn't offer a free Geek Squad computer checkup if you returned them ;).
Is... is that you? Brother from another... thread, I guess. Long time no anime... converse. I don't think that's correct, but I'm sticking with it because I'm really tired.YKYAAW you rave at somebody who works at the post office about how excited you are to try out your new Little Dot, and they eventually have to ask you to leave because you've been rambling at them for almost an hour.
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