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Just watched the new episode of "MY love STORY!!" and, I gotta say,  [[SPOILER]]
Fine, I suppose. I got bumped up an extra grade, upgraded my computer, got back into street fighter... new cat too. That's all I guess.
I'm sorry to hear that micey.God, it feels like ages since I posted here. Well... it HAS been ages, but that's beside the point.
Thanks Gibosi! Just popped 'em in and now I'm enjoying some Dark Side of the Moon!
I think that's the comfiest looking thing I've ever seen.
They really should. So much pizzazz 
http://www.amazon.com/Little-Dot-6JI-standard-Headphone/dp/B00A2QM5O6/ref=cm_cd_ql_qh_dp_t^^This one right here from SHENZHENAUDIO^^ Sorry about not including that in the first post.
I finally finished Shinobi on the PS2. That was a hard game, but at least I feel confident that I can beat F-Zero GX's story mode on Very Hard .
Okay, noob question for a thread that seems mostly dormant... Does the 1+ come with the right internal settings for the 6JI out of the box or do I have to fiddle around with the internals first? I'm asking because I literally just remembered that I don't own any screwdrivers.
As I said, really low heat. I'm way too jittery around electronics.
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