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I want to tweek, but the problem is that the improved sound will only play from the certain apps. For example, if I were to play a song from Spotify, it would deliver normal sound.
Ouch, the Sony is a bit too expensive. I'm dutch so my currency is euros, and I am able to spend a €200,- tops on an AMP. Cheaper would be nice.    I'm mainly buying one for the bass improvement, but I'm not very comfortable with pre-set bass boosts. I like the idea more of adjusting it myself.  And with those AMP's, will the iPhone put a digital signal to it (lightning connector), or do I input analog through 3,5 Jack, and let the AMP also process the sound?
After looking further on FiiO's site, it appears they have much more.  If price wouldn't be an issue, what would be my best shot? My main purpose it to be able to control the bass at best, if possible, the entire frequency spectrum.
Sounds sweetI looked on their site, what about the FiiO Kunlun E18? I like the full package, but I want to know if I can adjust the bass level. The booster seems nice, but doesn't really give me an impression of it's performance before I have bought it.  Any one knows anything about it?
Hello,   I can't really find my way on this forum yet, and didn't find a sticky. So I'm here to ask it right away.   I currently own Shure SE535 in-ears with molded fittings. I'm very pleased of the quality. When I'm at home, I play music with a laptop through my external soundcard (Asus Xonar U7 Echolon) with build-in headphone AMP.   However, when I travel, or mostly on different location than home, I only have my iPhone 5 to play music (I do however play ALAC...
Hi, I'm new to this forum, so I probably lack some knowledge. Any advice or comments are welcome.   I'm looking for new In Ear Monitors. I use them for listening to music mainly. I currently own original Beats by Dre Tours. Which I guess most of you would discourage me for. I'm pretty satisfied with the sound quality. However, not for that amount of money, and I still miss something.    Main reason I want new ones, is because the beats will never stay in my ear....
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