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Thank you for your help! Is that a good PSU?
Do you have a direct link for that PSU in the UK because i don't want to pick up the wrong one or something?
Haha ,thank you for the help! Just hope i don't pick up the wrong one, i will search for it in the UK now, thanks again.
I have a Dell Inspiron 620 MT and was wondering what PSU would actually fit in the computer at around 600W. I have read online that it's hard to find a PSU that actually fits. I know this probably isn't the website to ask this on but i have had no joy posting elsewhere online. Thank You. 
Wow it's so powerful for the size of it. I can get it online for around £300 including delivery. I might have to try it out.
Would this drive 300ohm headphones like the HD 650 to loud volumes without distortion?
Whats the output impedance?
Looking at getting the Sennheiser HD 650. I will probably keep the STX as the DAC and run RCA to a top quality headphone amplifier. I just don't know which one would drive most headphones really loud without distortion?
Looking for an amp/dac that will be able to drive any headphone with ease that is exceptionally clear and has a great distance of volume. I'm used to having my music played quite loud from where i DJ. I don't have a budget, just looking for opinions and help, i will be using it with my computer. Thanks.
You're in the exact same position as me. I had the X1 and because the output impedance is high on the STX it made the bass a bit distorted, the STX was made for higher impedance headphones. I have been thinking for a while to add the Epiphany O2 to the STX because the output impedance is so low it can drive any available headphone. I am a fan of the Dolby Headphone feature on my STX and i can't use that with the O2 running from the STX without double amping. They are easy...
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