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You could always keep checking eBay, just make sure their rating is above 90-95 and you should be fine, I've occasionally seen the PRO900 on eBay for a pretty decent price. It's probably worth a determined look for a few days.
There are quite a few official dealers who offer their own warranty on the headphones they sell. I would avoid purchasing from Amazon with something quite expensive unless it was actually Amazon selling the product. I don't own these but people who have paid around £300 have said they've been more than worth it. I don't think you will find a new pair under that price anywhere unless you're really lucky or catch a good sale. Don't Ultrasone offer a minimum warranty? I am...
I have a pair of Sennheiser HD650 headphones for sale. They're brand new and have been put inside a premium headphone case for a better deal. RRP is usually 300+ so it's a bargain for both the headphones and the case.   If you want to know more then please feel free to send me a message.   I probably should have put on here that i am only interested in selling these and not trading for something different.
The newer model of the PRO700MK2 is 68ohm and it performs better than the Q40 in my opinion. I own both of these and would prefer the PRO700MK2 any day. The only problem is that they're really uncomfortable. The Q40 beats it on comfort hands down. I personally think the PRO700MK2 sound more expensive than what they are. The Q40 is still a good headphone though, even though the build quality is laughable, they deliver some decent bass, but the PRO700MK2 are bass monsters...
I have heard people mentioning portability with this. I would only be using it at home but have heard it is an amazing package and delivers quality sound. Is it worth it as a permanent desktop sound solution and can this drive high impedance headphones with ease?   Thanks in advance.
I will sell these now for £210. Great deal seeing as the RRP is £270+
A brand new pair of Sennheiser HD8 DJ Headphones are for sale. They have been placed in a £20 premium headphone case which i paid for myself to increase the chances of a quick sale. I am looking for a purchase only and not a trade. If you have any questions please feel free to ask. They will be shipped by an expensive tracked delivery method. The headphones and the case on various websites would cost £270+.
What is actually the problem you're encountering with the Pro 900 and the STX? I can't imagine they're bright especially if you have used a bit of EQ? Everyone here says how bass orientated they are, do they distort at high volumes? 
I didn't like the Fidelio X1, maybe i purchased a pair that were defected or i didn't give them enough time but the bass seemed really distorted at higher volumes and it annoyed me. I think the PRO 900 would work good with the STX, it is more than capable seeing as it can drive headphones up to 600ohm. I use the EQ a fair bit on my Audio Technica ATH-PRO700MK2 and the bass setting on my STX is actually to much for my ears with them headphones and they're 68ohm. 
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