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Thanks for the reply. The Z623 just sounds dominated by the sub. I might just go for it and get a pair of the bamboo ones. I think even the best Logitech speakers are only average. I will look at them stands too. Thank you again.
Are these worth the money hooked up to an STX II sound card? I've been considering these for a long time. I currently have the Logitech Z623. Thanks in advance.
I had a pair of Fidelio X2 headphones a few months back. I ended up selling them on but now i have been considering buying them back. I've seen bad reviews lately on Amazon and some people are really not happy with the way the latest batch have been manufactured by a different company (Gibson) are they seriously that bad? Thanks in advance
Do you use a headphone amp? I'm using them with the Asus Xonar Essence STX II sound card and although they're not best matched on paper they sound so good together at this point.
Most definitely. I used 16 bit FLAC acoustic files and 320kbps electronic and FLAC electronic files and they sounded very nice. The bass is more noticeable the more the volume is turned up. I usually love headphones with some deep bass but these headphones to me are up there with the best. Vocals sound absolutely incredible.
Thanks for the reply. How are you finding your M70X? 
I've left my Audio Technica M70X cables and accessories at a family members house miles away. Will the M50X cable work? Thanks in advance.
The X5 states it can drive 300ohm cans, but the X5ii says it can drive 150ohm cans.. :S. 
Is the Fiio X5ii more powerful than the original X5? There's not much of a price difference between the two
Is the X5ii more powerful than the X5? Thanks in advance.
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