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The 4S is a phone from 2011, using display tech from 2010. The OG Retina Display really was ahead of its time IMO. It's not their fault. AMOLED displays have always struggled with brightness in the past. Only Samsung's newer displays can compete with equivalent LCDs, but they keep it to themselves to retain competitiveness. The latest AMOLED tech that other companies can get from Samsung is at least a couple generations older than Samsung's latest and greatest.  It's...
Keep the magic secretTM This reminds me of a Mac "hack" I saw on Quora the other day: https://www.quora.com/What-are-some-computer-hacks-that-hackers-know-but-most-people-dont/answer/Drew-6 Step 1 is thwarted by having a firmware password. It might be possible to hack a firmware password using an Arduino and brute force.
Yeah, why is all that text in the form of a JPG image?
I used to use the Xposed module "Statusbar Scroll to Top". As pointed out by the linked page, it doesn't work in some places such as Chrome. RIP Walnut before it even got released  dat unique wood grain It was probably the single most substantial deciding factor for me before I got my OPO...
It's going to go the way of Betamax.  
Product binning. For two main reasons (if I'm not wrong). One; to cater for differently priced market segments without making entirely different products and two; a product can get away with less rigorous QC and made to a lower specification for stability. I was told by a computer parts salesman when I got my R7 370 2 GB that a multi monitor setup would benefit from more graphics memory (the 4 GB version). So basically the more pixels you wanna push, the more you'll...
But how much time will the card spend at 100% load over the course of its lifetime? I'd say less than 5% for myself. I'm leaning more towards the 480 (partly because I prefer AMD over Nvida for some reason), since the cheapest 8 GB version is still cheaper than the cheapest GTX 1060 which is only 6 GB. 8 GB must be better than 6 GB. Like at least 2 GB better. Price to performance ratio, amirite? Even I'm not sure if this is supposed to be sarcasm or not. *adds to PTW list*
Something about using an Exynos chipset.
You're right, it was Cyanogen OS by Cyngn. You can get CyanogenMod on most phones because it is community built, including OnePlus phones.
[[SPOILER]]  The painful truth of carrier-branded Android phones. That's a good way of putting it. For basic smartphone tasks (calls, text, internet, camera, multimedia), Android isn't any more difficult to use than iOS. It's just that somehow Android makes it more intimidating; especially to those who use "I'm not that computer literate" as an excuse for not being able to read plain English dialog boxes and buttons.  Well, speak of the devil... 
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