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Yes, 2sugoi4me 
 If you've got an extra $280, the Studio 2.0 Wireless is a good option  it lacks bass imo though
Love it
Saw the trailer, no like Satsuki's voice
I haven't tried Apple Music yet. I'll probably give the 3 month trial a go.  There's an 8.3.x for the 4S? And here I am, still haven't finished Hibike! Euphonium... Its English dub is one of the few I prefer over the sub.
Correction; it wasn't kinetic in 8.3
Will try when I re-assemble mine Downloading now 
If the rumors are true, hopefully 7000 series aluminum will be more durable than whatever series Apple's currently using in the iPhones.  [[SPOILER]]
I think the figure is a little on the big side, so it's out of scale.  [[SPOILER]]  Almost. On iOS you can't install a custom ROM and stuff. First one has less sticks  [[SPOILER]]  Intel mustardrace  
 Still haven't fixed it  I would like to see Vocaloid androids one day...
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