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This "twice as good" thing is quite empirical, don't you reckon? Yeah, inline remotes conflicted with my Sony Vaio Duo 11's sound output. Youse have a long way to go to reach the all time tops.
That's a steal! Did you get the one with the inline remote or the one without?
<$150? My AE2i cost $229 when I got it here in Australia  
Bose has made the move to built-in rechargeables in their QC3, so we're all waiting for a QC15 refresh. I love the closed-but-large-soundstage sound that Bose headphones provide. Bose loves to port the fack out of all their audio products, which makes them sound amazing. Even in the AE2, the drivers are ported in a way so that the air travels in a spiral before reaching the ear, giving the drivers a lot of air to move. Beats, however, likes to do the complete opposite and...
The Bose AE2 are completely passive, but they do a better job at isolating noise than the Beats. They're lighter and more comfortable to use for prolonged periods of time, too!  So the manufacturer's proprietary audio EQ technologies are intervening with your listening experience, constantly reminding you of who makes your headphones.
But Hyouka's like no. 20, which makes me sad
 Looks like you need some FREEDOM!!! 
I dunno, I like A1, J.C., KyoAni, DEEN, and SHAFT among countless others. It's so hard to single out a favorite! I jsut realized, the picture on the right is the picture on this 'Moonspeak for Dummies" book in this video:  Isn't the Q the Quincy Jones Edition?
Introduce people to P4 or MLP?
I'm not a fan of MLP, but you gotta admit this video was put together pretty well.  
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