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It's back up! Custom ROMs tend to skimp out on rarely used features like USB audio out. I believe MHL doesn't work either with custom ROMs. Edit: forgot this:  
Those thumbnails are other videos by the way.Needs an MLG Mountain Dew version.
Actually there's a button on the top of the Cardboard that clicks on whatever the cursor is selecting. The cursor is centered in the display and you have to move/tilt your head to move the cursor.
Watching videos in the Google Cardboard video player is very interesting. It's like you're in a movie theater!  
Those eyes...GJ-bu?
The PHP one hits close to home. "Oh so you need mcrypt? Looks like you don't have 'zend_smart_str.h', so no can do."
Sometimes people bring a phone to me that's completely dead, asking if the data can be recovered. In all cases, it's either beyond my capability (some board-level failure), not worth my time (phone turns on but doesn't start up far enough to get data off), or not worth their money (some cheap Chinese phone from overseas or one of those Telstra branded prepaid ones) to fix. And in almost every instance, they've never backed it up to a computer or set up a cloud-based backup...
It's all relative. Between iOS and Android, I'd favor iOS, although neither system is perfect. Ain't we all. I'm currently dealing with an LG L7 II Dual that drains really quickly due to Google Services, even after a factory reset.   [[SPOILER]] @Android-Fi part 2 Finally got that Razr HD out of AP Fastboot mode. The battery in it was completely dead, so the factory cable from before came in handy. Good on ya, Motorola, for implementing this function! It's no longer needed...
Are you sure it's not the one about pigs climbing trees? While we're on the topic of Cantonese quotes, do you by any chance know what "我畀個官你做都得" (is it "畀" or "俾"? (edit: it's the former)) means? I have no idea.
Also according to Apple, it's stored as a hash (a mathematical representation that can't be reverse-engineered) and there is no path between the Touch ID sensor and the Secure Enclave to the rest of the system or the outside world, because it is walled off at a hardware level. Only the original Touch ID sensor the phone was manufactured with or one replaced by Apple is authorized to communicate with the Secure Enclave. How Touch ID is implemented (along with all the...
New Posts  All Forums: