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Yeah, it's HK.Just upgraded to Windows 10. Sticky corners is pretty nifty. It makes it a whole lot easier to close and snap windows right on the border of two monitors.
[[SPOILER]]  In all seriousness... 
I am. Maybe not enough for me to go see it in theaters, but I plan to watch it.
What's even more odd is how OP lost it in the first place!
In Cantonese we have a phrase that means "rushing to die", commonly used when you curse out at someone who's speeding, so there's that. I have no idea how iCloud Music Library works. It matched one of iM@S' "Encore" tracks with this: So you guys have probably seen the Product Red iPhone 7.    [[SPOILER]]
I'm getting different album art from Apple Music: 
Finally replaced that flickering CCFL. Laptop LCDs are harder to pull apart. LED backlight is noticeably brighter, might even equate to battery savings. Brightness control is inverted for some reason.   [[SPOILER]]
Ah yes, brings back memories of Taz: Wanted on Gamecube. Great game.  A second external optical drive.  [[SPOILER]]
Like an external optical drive.
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