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Not exactly. $2,000+ Windows laptops are still guilty of using plastic chassis. Better internal hardware is no excuse for inferior external hardware, especially given that price point.
My trusty SMD soldering station came in handy. Replaced a faulty DC jack!     Windows laptop manufacturers will never learn that you can't use brass screw bosses in a plastic chassis and expect it to not break. I've yet to see a unibody Macbook screen hinge break the way it does on these plastic chassis. Most "aluminum" Windows laptops' chassis are simply a plastic chassis with a thin aluminum plate stuck onto it, making only the palm rest or laptop lid feel...
So it's only 5 episodes long? That's worse than Nisekoi being only 21 episodes long! Well, I gave it 8/10, so I wouldn't say I didn't like it. 
Head-Fi, Y U do dis?  
I felt like the show kinda ignored me when it was approaching the end of the series. The plot "development" sped up a bit, and the finale left things a tad ambiguous.Don't forget training to be a choo choo train! 
I'm the inverse; I've never seen a battery explode, just swell up.Do you judge/determine a battery's quality by its brand? I've been using a lot of Aldi alkalines because they're cheap, and they've been serving me well.Yep, to me, cell = 1 cell and battery = 2 or more cells connected together. But for vernacular reasons, I call them all batteries in the presence of others who are unaware of this distinction.The wonders of multi window. I can't concentrate on either....
I guess you could say I'm a smartphone enthusiast, and I've dabbled a bit in battery technologies. Li-ion=nope, Lipo=yes. Li-ions are relatively unstable and when they crap out, they swell up. Lipos have higher energy densities, too. Apple's been using Li-ions in their iPhones up until the iPhone 4, which started using Lipo batteries. But before this transition, I've seen iPhone 3Gs and 3GSes pop open because their batteries inflated like a balloon from age.  Also, I've...
 It's only several weeks old:  It's probably just bad estimation.
  Seems like an awful lot of time for 4%.
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