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http://www.crunchyroll.com/anime-news/2016/12/27-1/creator-of-your-name-asks-people-to-stop-seeing-it   I'm on it.
Before I forget: 
I'm running Eclipse on mine. Makes it feel like a much newer phone, but then again it's a custom stock ROM so it's TouchWiz.
Something something 
Similarly, in Cantonese, chicken/雞 means whore and duck/鴨 means man whore. Relevant: Time for some K-pop  I hear we are luring lurkers with pics now 
2D>3D...?   http://gatebox.ai  
​  [[SPOILER]]  First impressions: Screen is brighter and more colorful Speakers are louder, have more bass and dynamic range Butterfly 2 keys are quieter than expected Touch Bar has a matte finish which is nice Trackpad click sounds faker than the old Force Touch trackpad No MagSafe is a bummer, but with all Type-C ports able to receive power it's a give and take Currently none of my accessories are Type-C All in all it's a very nice machine, but I'm not sure it's worth...
 For you: 
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