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Did somebody say...Touhou? Wait that ain't Touhou   Gotta brush up on your Hiragana!  
Gotta give them some credit for this though:  Imoutos + shipgirls   "Magical". "Creative". "Revolutionary". 
They are just bags of fun. 
Anime is never a mistake. It's all the other things that are a mistake.
From StackExchange: 
  Quote:Well the tablet was set at zero volume in the recording anyway so That may be the case...  ...but it was also before I joined this thread, so I could not have heard it when you posted it because   Besides, the one on Youtube got removed so I had to find it on Vimeo.  [[SPOILER]]
[[SPOILER]]  Also my internet is really slow now. I can only stream smoothly at 360p  
Loli Shinobu best Shinobu Skip step 2 Fun times. 
You don't run my life!!   Mac's trackpad handwriting input is really handy!  
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