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Expecto Patronum. Nothing happens. But this is the beta, after all, so it might change.  Looks pretty meh. Needs better CGI, and the all Asian cast doesn't quite work.   Poor Jean. 
I think they just got rid of it. There's no more landscape mode in the music player as far as I know.
Too bad iOS 8.4's gonna get rid of Coverflow.
OK, this HTML's probably not gonna work so I might upload it to YouTube later: [[SPOILER]]
What about this one?
Oh wait, that's not gold  Silly me.  [[SPOILER]]
Must be a pretty fancy fridge if it comes in gold!
I use VMware Fusion 7, which is quite nice. It supports drag-and-drop between mac and windows, and supports natural scrolling and the "three finger drag to move" gesture.   [[SPOILER]]
That's true. The Windows programs I use the most on my Mac are MS Visio, Access and Visual Studio, which cannot be packaged by Wine, so it depends from user to user.  [[SPOILER]]
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