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I'm getting a Silverstone ML04 myself, should be here in a week or two. It's gonna replace my HTPC's current Cooler Master N200.
Looks like I forgot this: 
I actually watched that one. Suitable for lolicons. For some reason I sensed some murderous vibes coming from Rin's older brother [[SPOILER]] near the end of the series.
I suppose so.This guy is legit.
Thanks for the advice! I wish I had known about the tearing before getting my active DP to single DVI port adapter. I think I'll just deal with it for now and connect the leftmost monitor to DP. Who knows; there might be a driver fix in the works.
Sounds like it's from Prisma Illya. That is very cool! A mini CD the size of a normal CD so the unused area is transparent. This would make it compatible with Apple's SuperDrive, which normally can't take mini CDs.
@Servant x Service ep11 ep12 I recognize the first three outfits (Monogatari, SnK, AnoHana (I'm pretty sure)). What's the Fourth?
For now...
To those who have a triple monitor setup; how are they connected up? My middle monitor is DisplayPort while my two side monitors are DVI. When I have Eyefinity set up, the middle monitor connected via DP experiences screen tearing, even though V-sync and all that are turned on. If I switch the cables around with one of the side monitors, then that tears. I've read that it can be solved by connecting all three monitors via DP, but my card only has one DP out. Is there...
  Sorry guys, I don't check this thread nearly as much as I used to.
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