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O rly? 
A permanent solution to a temporary problem. That's the way! Speaking of computer stuff, can anyone recommend be a no-frills LED backlit keyboard? Nothing fancy like the Logitec G series.
You don't have to wear polarised glasses?
Make it HD, while you're at it:      [[SPOILER]]
It is...revolutionary.
I asked and they said "It's thin". 
That CNY stuff is still on my mind. Isn't Wolfsons supposed to be the better choice?
Compared to an S6 it has more battery, lower screen resolution, only SD615, less internal storage (probs slower than S6 too, but shouldn't be an issue with MicroSD) and less RAM. But if you can get it for about 3000 CNY then it's worth it. Those specs should be more than adequate for most general use. I know someone who works for Samsung, I'll ask their opinion about it tomorrow. Wow, them side bezels tho:  It looks taller than the Note 3.
I suppose.  Ren best girl
This Chinese cartoon looks very original.  
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