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I forgot to use a three-fingered claw gesture to remove it. I also forgot that my old PSU was powerful enough for the card upgrade, so I accidentally got the semi-modular Corsair CX650M.   [[SPOILER]]  I also like tubes for the looks. Any difference in quality that a hybrid amp can make over conventional amps would probably go unnoticed by me anyway.
Not that I've experienced. But then again, I've only ever used digital-to-digital adapters and DisplayPort to DVI-A would be digital-to-analog.
You can use an active adapter for DVI (DVI-A, I presume?). None of my monitors have DisplayPort so I have to use an active DP to HDMI adapter with them. I'm still waiting for two more to arrive so I actually should still experience screen tearing until they are here...
[[SPOILER]]  Probably not gonna watch it until long after it is out due to procrastination. [[SPOILER]]
The chances are good.   [[SPOILER]]
What are the chances that the new MacBook Pro will be released by the end of this year? I remember Apple bundling a pair of Solo 2's with  the purchase of an eligible Mac for education at the beginning of this year in a "Back to School" sale, presumably to clear old stock to make way for the redesign, but it wasn't.  Dang it, this is the second time I missed the fun. 
What happened to PC-Fi?
I'm fairly sure my middle monitor is dimmer due to some hardware defect after I got it back from being RMA'ed. The brightness setting is 90 on all three monitors, but the middle one is dimmer anyway. And until I upgrade my graphics card I won't be gaming much on all three, so I'll probably just set the two outside monitors dimmer to match the middle one. I'll let you know if I ever decide to calibrate them though, thanks for the offer!
Is the calibration software-based or hardware-based (i.e. using the monitor's OSD)? On that note, the Note 7 supports DCI-P3 and reaches a peak brightness of 1,000+ nits. Wow!
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