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I dunno, it sounded like "Even a superhero has a weakness" kinda statement. I dunno, those offhanded mentions seemed pretty significant, kinda like "Oh, I bought two pairs of HD800s the other day. No biggie." I dunno, a few dozen is, like, at least 36 websites, which is a lot. And if they weren't quite as simple as mine, it must've took a lot of time and stuff to build, considering they were for marketing and stuff. Speaking of which, here's one about magnets.
Ooh, ooh, I know! "Inspired by Haruhi", 'cause it was the best anime ever.  
And the crowd goes wild! Huh, mythomania. You learn something new everyday! " I don't wanna talk about it" My CD collection is maybe 4 CDs large. It consists of a Christmas carols one, one's a Disney Sing-along, one's a Classical music collection and if I can find it, a Bob the Builder audio book. Pictures on request. Speaking of websites, good design is as little design as possible (check source code for proof, second line (I did not design the game)). I've designed about...
It's a slow day at work, I suppose. Today, 5 people asked us if we had iPhone 6/6+ cases, which we didn't, sad to say. If you got an iPhone 6, wouldn't you want to show it off and rub it in other people's faces, then break it within the first two weeks of getting it and regretting not getting a case?
Go right ahead! You'd probably make better use of it than I would anyway. 
I made this GIF to tell off hardcore OnePlus fans on the forum, but never had the chance to use it. [[SPOILER]]
Whatever floats your boat.
That's what I get for having poor copy and paste skills on mobile.
Non-anime wannabe peasants.
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