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heeeeee heeeee you can write down this review under the product page, ATHFANe.
I thought you r only searching for ideas. The prize you list means nothing at all if you want to find a real designer. How about 50% of your total profit?
All you lack right now is a simple high current amp card (I perfer opa2111/dual opa111s as the op amp(s)) that can be used to drive hard-to-drive low ohm phones such as AKG K701s or Grado GS1000s
Somehow I cannot post my review on product page so I will just post it here.     Star: 3/5   Pros: Big soundstage, good for monitoring             Cons: But not good for music listening. Very hard to drive. Phones for pros, not for audiophiles.     The reason I say that K812 is not good for audiophiles is because K812 seems to has its "special" way in presenting music: K812 tends to confine every piece of music in a certain room with a stress of bass. This is...
Got a like new pair recently. Wonderful phones, way better than RS1i in every aspect. Yea, every!
Interested in trading it for my ATH-M50s?
maybe you can get one from Sennheiser website, they are still selling units for discontinued products.
I have a pair of ATH-M50s for trade now. Still interested?
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