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that's a stock image... got any pictures of the ones you're actually selling?
PMd :D
I got these a few weeks ago from Head-Fi member Kiln.   They are in superb physical condition and sound phenomenal - I'm not going to go into specifics, you can search for reviews yourself ;)   Suffice to say they are a hybrid IEM - one 15mm dynamic driver paired with two balanced armatures for great frequency response and a very fluid, natural sound.  They also have tunable bass so you can tweak to your hearts desire :)   They are a universal IEM - come with 5 pairs...
Update: Sold :)
Update:  Agreed to trade with user Kiln.
Great pair of cans - selling as I'm enjoying my shure 1840s more atm and can't really justify two upper end open back phones atm.   In excellent physical condition - I can't find any blemishes or scratches on the phones themselves.   Comes with stock SE cable (3.5mm) and I will also include a 4' Black Dragon SE (6.5mm) aftermarket cable.   Price includes PayPal fees, buyer pays shipping.   I have the original box, but not the cardboard display sleeve that goes...
Very good condition Yulong D100 MKII DAC/PreAmp/Headphone Amp for sale   Bought from another headfi-er a few weeks ago, not quite what I wanted (volume pot only changes headphone out, RCA and Balanced Outputs are line-level only).   Sounds great otherwise.   In good physical condition, a few scratches on the back of the case (see pics).   Comes with USB cable and power cable.   Price includes PayPal fees, buyer pays shipping.
Yeah I'll leave it up til someone wants it I guess.
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