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It is :) send me a PM and maybe I can send you a PM2 ;)
In excellent condition - in box with accessories. List price gets you paypal fees and shipping within Australia included.
Good condition Aurisonics rockets.   Assortment of tips; no tri-tabs or earloops included.   This is the non-microphone version.   Paypal and shipping within Australia is on me.
Selling my excellent condition Oppo PM2s. Comes in original box with all original accessories except the original short cable. Includes the full length OFC cable, original sheepskin leather pads and optional velour pads. Also includes an aftermarket ~5ft SP-OCC copper litz-braided cable with 3.5mm termination.  The cable is teflon insulated, with nineteen 0.1mm strands per core, and 8 cores per conductor.  This cable sounds fantastic - the only downside is that the outer...
I think a question worth asking yourself is "if i buy the z5, will I end up buying the w500 eventually anyway?"   If the answer is yes, it may be worth buying the TOTLs now, and save some time and money in the process.
 Mine were a reshell and upgrade without cable included. I picked up a Double Helix UP-OCC Silver IEM cable at an OK price on eBay a short time ago, so I'll be using that.
Selling my Nad Viso HP50s, as featured on InnerFidelity's Wall of Fame!   Fantastic sounding cans, but I'm not really using closed-backs these days.   Audiogon 8/10 - some small scuffs on cups, some small marks on the metal that connects the band to the cups - hard to get photos of, but I've included a bunch of pics.   Original box and 3-button remote cable included.   PayPal and standard shipping within Australia included.
Selling my HD-700s.  Fantastic sound, but a little lean in the low end for my tastes.  That being said, I've never worn a more comfortable pair of 'phones! Audiogon 7/10 - sounds great and functions perfectly, some small cosmetic issues.  One portion of the metal fascia on each cup have some damage, and there is a ~5mm scratch near the central vent on the right cup.  Close up of both in pics - not really noticeable unless looking, and do not affect sound in any way. Comes...
Thanks for the response, gearofwar I placed my order a few weeks ago. Looking forward to them!
If you say so; however, the cables I have for my HD700 (both custom and stock) do NOT fit my PM2.   The barrel opening for the PM2 is a little too narrow for the circle-segment locking mechanism on the HD700 cables (however i can't tell from the pics if this cable has that mechanism, or if its a narrow round barrel before the black section).
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