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Mic or non-mic version?   Thanks :)
Looking for either the UE 18 Pro or AAW W500 (either model). Willing to pay a fair price - I've said 650, but dependant on model, age, cables etc. We can negotiate! Would need to be shipped either to InEarz in the US for the UEs, or to Null Audio in Singapore for the w500s Please let me know if you're willing to part with either of these! Thanks
Can anyone comment on sound leakage?  Does the port let out much sound?  Will I disturb my partner if I'm listening within a few feet in a quiet room?
I can't tell from the pics - is the Moon cable with or without the bass pod? And what length? Edit: actually, I can see the bass pod there, sorry. Thanks
Thanks for the reply, twister, much appreciated :)
Anyone able to offer impressions yet? Can't find reviews anywhere. Particularly interested in leakage; if I'm listening at low volume in bed will it disturb my partner, who is sensitive to even faint sounds? Most closed-backs and UIEMs are OK, just wondering if the ability to gear ambients works both ways...
Does the open design work both ways? I.e. is there leakage? Can I wear these in a quiet room without other people hearing? Not much info about them out there ATM since they're so new, or I wouldn't have to ask thanks
V-Moda Crossfade M100 headphones in good used condition.   Sound excellent.   Some light cosmetic wear - small scuff on left cup, minor creases in leather.   SharePlay stock cable in excellent condition.   V-Moda BoomPro mic and cable in excellent condition.   Original carry case and box included.   XL pads installed, stock pads included.   Price includes PayPal and shipping within Australia.
Good used condition.  I am the second owner.   Some small cosmetic blemishes.   Otherwise in excellent working condition.   Includes 140cm cable with in-line mic and remote, original hard carry case, tiny plug thing of unknown purpose.   Price includes PayPal fees and shipping within Australia.
New Posts  All Forums: