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Hoping someone has purchased a replacement Audeze headband assembly and has a cup hinge they can spare.   This is the semicircular piece of metal that attaches the yoke rod to the earcup.   Damaged one of mine and need a replacement :(   Prefer to buy in Australia just to keep shipping costs down, but let me know if you have something you can part with and we can talk :)   Happy to pay paypal/shipping and a fair price for the part.   Thanks :)
Any chance these were actually purchased from Massdrop... ?   I purchased the same pair from Massdrop for $AU182 delivered and they arrived ~2 days prior to this ad being posted. Combine that with OP's refusal to provide original receipt or a photocopy of it, seems a little suspicious.   Not accusing, just asking.
Come with original receipt for warranty? Thanks
Glad there's some interest Considering their condition and that the retail in aus is still $700 or more, I think 300 is a bit low. Thanks for looking though
Second owner, in fairly close to mint condition (9/10).  Only blemish is a tiny bump on one earcup next to the cable socket, see pics for close-ups.   Fantastic headphones, not sure why they don't get more attention on the forums here.  Very neutral and balanced without being tinny or hollow. Took me a while to get used to, but they've become some of my favourites from the past few years.   Comes with travel case, cans, two cables (both terminated in 3.5mm jacks) and...
First owner, purchased from Addicted to Audio in Melb. on May 22.   Warranty transferable to buyer.   In absolutely mint condition - no damage whatsoever to pads, cups, connectors, stalks or band.   Comes with stock cable terminated in 1/4" (6.35mm) jack.    Comes with unopened felt tuning pads and unopened bass-port tuning tool (currently completely stock).   Comes with carry bag, original box and MrSpeakers aluminium headphone stand.   Retail in Australia is...
that's a stock image... got any pictures of the ones you're actually selling?
PMd :D
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