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Thank you. What do you think about the JVC HA-FXT90's. They sell for 95$ on amazon as opposed to 150$ for the yamaha's.   Is the price difference worth it?
Hey,   I'm presuming that bluetooth has noticeable audio quality loss and hence, a wifi connected/aux connected speaker would sound better?   Can you recommend something in the 250-300$ price range?   I checked out the Marshall Stanmore speakers. They sounded pretty good but are for 400 bucks. What do you think of these? Worth it?
Is ebay reliable when it comes to purchasing headphones?    I can find the eph-100 for 115$ as opposed to 150 bucks on amazon.com. How is such a price difference possible?   Does this look safe enough? Link: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Yamaha-EPH100-In-Earphones-New-in-Retail-Box-FREE-SHIP-/191052539682?pt=US_Headphones&hash=item2c7b9e6722   Thank you
Hi all,   I wish to use my Nexus 5 as the primary source.   1) Was wondering if I should acquire a highly touted around 100$ earphone like the Vsonic V-1000, Yamaha EPH-100 and the JVC HA-FXD80?  Would the nexus 5 be able to make them reach their full potential?   2) If no, would you Audio Technica CKM-500is or Audio Technica IM-50 be sufficient? Which is better sounding?   Note: I love Indie Rock, Pop and Rock. 
Anyone has any take on this?
Basically, given that the new IM-50 and IM-70 are out, are they much better than the CKM-500is? 
Hi,   I want a new iem for use with my Nexus 5.   Whats your take between the two?  On accessoryjack, CKM500is is for 53$ v/s 89$ for the IM70. What about the IM50?   What's better value for money?   I currently have the Etymotic-MC5 and find it lacking in bass.   
Thank you for your inputs! Really helped clear my dilemma.
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