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Any way you could let us know how you mounted the bowls?! Did you use the baffle extender shown earlier? I have the bowls and have been simply putting them on the stock cushions. I'd like to make it more permanent and less flimsy (at times). Also, any change in sound dynamics?
Sounds awesome! If a new set of iems doesn't get me where I want to go, ill look into an FiiO which I've been researching. Thank you so much for the insight
Thank you for clarifying that. I've read reviews on other headphones with people using IPhones who want amps. It threw me off. I'm definitely looking for information, but like car audio- it makes sense that only headphones that need more than my iPhone can give need amps. So look for a better iem, and also a better digital music system to build from?
Hi all, first post. I've been reading a while and trying to absorb what is a LOT of info on this guru site. Hopefully I can get steered in the right direction! I listen to an iPhone 4S. I have the MEElectronics M9 which I know are budget. I love them however I have never heard anything else aside from a few budget Koss lines. I'm looking to get a really nice bass head set up for my iPhone. My question is: should my next purchase be an amp? Or is the headphones which are...
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