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 "I figured there should be some headphone that would be considered an improvement" - So you figured something, with never having listened to them, and decided to put down my choice based on that, without even stating what you would consider better in that price range?  I thought $130 for a pair of hd380pros was a very good deal consider they retail for $200, I have a very tight budget and the dac/amp was intended to be a Christmas gift idea for our family gift...
Maveaux - thanks for the info, I will check that e10 out.   PurpleAngel - Way to put down my choice... I am enjoying them and they fit my price range, and after researching, a lot of people seem enjoy them.  Why don't you think they are good?
Hi,   I've finally bought a decent pair of headphones (sennheiser hd380pro) after doing some researching in my price range.   Now, compared to my $20 previous headphones, I've obviously noticed a major difference, especially when listening to say, violin music.  And I know what a DAC does and an amp does, not illteriate on that, my question, with the Realtek® ALC892 8-Channel High Definition Audio CODEC that is built onto my desktop's motherboard, do I really need a...
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