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Interested to know as well, so bump.
Would that be a better choice then the CAL or the other pair suggested?
So I'm kind of torn at the moment, just not sure what to go with now. Still browsing the headphone sale on amazon, whats the best value right now? Would like to keep is less then 75 if possible, but would maybe go higher.
Thanks for the reply, and yes I can install it, built pc myself.
Thanks for the reply, will probably go with them, what makes them better?
I'm about to purchase a pair of Creative Aurvana lives, but I also saw this:   Would this be worth purchasing also, it is $16 after rebate. Currently I am just using onboard realtek HD. I will be using these for mostly PC gaming and listening to music. Would I notice much of a difference with the sound vs onboard?   Thanks for the help, Jordan.
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