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Thank you for the heads up! I appreciate it! I can't wait to get the new cans!
When I installed the soundblaster I removed the logitech software and disabled onboard audio via bios prior to installation of the card. Why do you ask?
I appreciate the quick response! And thank you for the enlightening! It's nice to see how quickly this community responds and does so to educate new users.
Hello all!     After weeks of scouring this forum and constant google searches I think I'm ready to take the plunge into Hi-Fi audio via headphones. I'll give you a little background as to where I'm at in terms of use, experience, and prior purchases. I Recently started looking into higher fidelity audio when I finished my computer build. I wanted something more engrossing and richer than my logitech G930 headset. So after a few reviews and being impatient I purchased...
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