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Anyone can help ?
Hi guys, I'm considering to get myself a pair of new earphone that is about USD$200 . I'm thinking about these pair of earphones ; RHA m750 , Monster DNA inear , Vsonic GR07 mk2, Yamaha eph-100sl (which provides noise isolation feature I guess) . I'm that person who likes electro house ( Artist:Mitis , Electric Joy Ride , K-391) acapplea (Artist: Mike Tompkins , PTX ) and dubstep musics. Which pair of earphone do u guys suggest and why ?? Or if you have another brands of...
Thx for your advices bro , I guess I'll do more research and wait for others comment also
Anyone can help me ?
As the title said, I'm interested in both of these earphones, but I can't figure out which one is the best for me as the price differences is just HKD$1 . I mainly listen to Acapplea musics (Artist: Mike Tompkins , PTX ) , Electro house and Dubstep (Artist: Mitis , Electric Joy Ride , K-391) . Please help me figure out which is the most suitable earphone for me >_< Thx ~
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