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bump for answers. curious as well as to what amps would pair well with HP50s
Is it just me or do the UE6000s sound really quiet and muffled out of the box (unamped)? I've been using mine at max volume with both my phone and computer, and it's rather underwhelming. Will burning in help with this? 
Where are these available for less than $750? The only classified Iistings I've seen of them in the past month or so were/are exorbitantly high. 
Thank you, so, so much! Incredibly detailed comparisons. This is the most generous response I've ever read on a message board. So elaborate that I decided to check out all the reviews you've written. I'm sure your OM Audio review will grab the attention of many. 
 How do you think the OM Audio Inearpeace fare against the favorites in the same price bracket, like: GR07, RE-400, TF-10, BA200, Dunu DN-1000?
 Well what I meant is that buying a used D2K (~$300) and sending it to Lawton myself (~$200) would = the cost of a used D5K.  Mainly going to be used for watching movies. My music taste is very broad and eclectic, so whichever is more versatile wins. Although I must say, I have a strong liking for bass, although I'm not a basshead. 
Which would be more worth the cost (about the same price total):   1) D2000 (w/ Lawton mod + Angle pads)   or    2) D5000 (unmodded, original pads)           (fyi--I'm still having trouble finding a near-mint condition pair of D2000s for a reasonable price. If anyone knows someone or some place that's selling a near-mint or new pair, please let me know!)
Thanks. btw, do you think it's worth waiting for the upcoming DN-2000 (supposed to released sometime this year)? 
 I searched, but couldn't exactly find a good comparison. How do the DN-1000s fare against the slightly cheaper GR07 MKIIs? Are they worth the extra money?
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