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Not sure which one to get. I have had two pairs of the re-400s and they're great but the build quality sucks. The heaven ii's look like a good choice but how bad is the cable noise? I like to wear IEMs down (not cable around ear) and I am worried that it would be too bad. I had a pair of HF5's and thought the cable noise was a bit too much. Don't know too much about the klipsch headphones and I'm not a big fan of the over the ear design of the se215 but it does have the...
I've done some searching through this thread and couldn't find my answer so sorry if this is a repeat of information but does anyone know when the release day of the wired iOS compatible headphones will be?
No, I have not but thank you as I think I know what I will choose now.
I owned the momentum for a little bit and liked them a lot. I own the re-400 which I love for the price but have never heard the re-600. Which should I buy? 
That would be awesome if you could post some pics. 
They are over ear; not on-ear.
I have been scouring this site for hours looking for a way to replace my momentum's ear pads with slightly larger ones but to no avail. I am wondering if anyone has heard of something that might work, just any leads really. Unfortunately it looks like my only option is going to be DIY make your own pads or get different headphones. Which is frustrating because they are just a few millimeters too small.
Are the pads that can be put onto the K545 the same as the ones on the brainwavz hm5?    On the hm5 thread users reported that some shure velour pads fitted the hm5. I wonder if those would also work for the 545 too. Mr. Speakers should come out with his alpha pads for a lot of other headphone models. Those look so damn comfortable!   edit: Actually looking more into it, there is probably a good chance the alpha pads would fit the k545. On the mp4nation, the reviews...
Just saw this movie called The Internship and of course being a member of headfi I ended up paying more attention to the headphones than the storyline. But I couldn't figure out what these were so Here's a video where the actor is wearing them:
As a newcomer to the audiophile world here I still don't have an amp. So would you still say the akg k545 sounds better un-amped compared to the momentum? The momentum is only 18ohms which I know is low, but is 32ohms still low enough to be un-amped?  I also wasn't very impressed with the momentum's isolation, is the k545 better in this aspect?
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