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I have a mac also. When you download and unzip the file it will be named update.img   if you have previous updates in your download folder, it will rename the new ones to update1, update2, update3...etc   I usually move the latest to it's own folder then unzip it or you can rename update6 to update.img but it will overwrite the original thats already in your downloads folder if you have one.   The update file must be named update.img before you copy it to the DX or it...
Item is Sold.
Sold pending payment.
I have a gently used HM-801 for sale, it still has the film attached to the screen. Bought from Head Direct in March 2011. The player is in excellent condition, I have maybe 25 hours on it at the most. It does have one of the plastic tabs broken off  that holds the internal amp cards in place. When I asked Fang about repairing it, he said it really doesn't effect the player at all and if I wanted to send it in I could but would be without it for 5-6 weeks. Comes with...
  You spent how much? WTF were you thinking?
Ordered my LCD-2 and it's shipping on Monday. Currently I have an Audio-GD NFB-2 and a ACSS matching Audio-GD C-2.1 amp. My current HP is a D7000, while it does sound fantastic with the AMP/DAC combo I wanted to experience the LCD-2's. Is it safe to say I will have enough to power the LCD-2's to their potential? I do also have the Moon OPA's.   Will the LCD's do ok with my SS setup or should I be looking at a Tube setup?   Thanks..
  Search "Life Size Male Wood Head Manikin" on amazon   "    
I ordered a C-2.1 and a NFB-2 on 4/12. Edwin said 2 weeks. Looks like it's gonna be a while....  
Only the 601 is on Amazon, but it's still shipped from HD. When I ordered the 601 directly from HD it was shipped from New York. My 801 did come from China, guess it depends on what they have in stock.
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