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(SMOOCHY)- Ryuichi Sakamoto
(Samurai Champloo music record: impression)- Nujabes,FatJon,Force Of Nature,MINMI
just got these:    (Cowboy Bebop OST 1)-Yoko Kanno (Kirby's Dream Collection Soundtrack)-??? (Spiritual State)-Nujabes (Departures OST)-Joe Hisaishi (Departure)-Nujabes,FatJon,MINMI (Spirited Away Image album)- Joe Hisaishi
Sennheiser Momentum's might be worth a look.
I'm "a Gaming Guru"   I do play many video games and talk about them with my friends, but that's just one of the many mediums i'm interested in.   I think the quiz needed more variety. all it had was tech, music, literature, film and a few others. it was also a little vague since what you see in the pictures is somewhat subjective.    Overall pretty bad quiz, 6/
Probably depends on what you are listening to. I found the velour pads to be much better than the pleather.
It depends on how efficient the headphone is.    Most headphones above 200 need an amp to sound their best, but some like the Sennheiser Momentum don't need one at all.    This is a good place to start if you are new to headphone amps:   Then go to a Grado SR225i forum here, and ask if an amp helps their sound improve. 
no, i know. it says so on the subscription page.  I really don't know for sure since i have never listened to the Customs or the Grados, but i would say compare them when you get them and if they don't give you a big improvement return them and save up for the SR325i or something like it.
I think any of the headphones you listed will be better than the DT 770, even without an amp.
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