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Vendors = more to audition the latest & greatest + , as Danny says help to cover costs.
Don't know about the yammy.I have owned the NX33 and found it excellent.Good Luck.
What a thread,maybe the best.Lovin my Phoenix and believe it has ended my amp searching until something revolutionary happens.
Bump for price drop.$60 shipped.
Bought new 7/3/08.Don't use it anymore. $75 shipped US. Thanks
IN,I really enjoyed the first one.
Do you check your PM,s
Really enjoying mine.NO plan to sell.
Takeing the top off just changes conduction to convection.There are heat sinks on the inside attached to the bottom plate.You can see them on his web site.Go to and buy yourself a passive-flat self sticking heatsink.Dead horse society going back to music.
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