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Thanks for your very explanatory answer. 
Hello I would like to ask somebody that has experience with the E09K amplifier from Fiio.   I don't understand if in order to accept input from an USB computer port one needs to dock an E17 unit. I am puzzled because the E09K specs states that there is an USB input so apparently the unit is also a DAC, or am I wrong?   I would greatly appreciate any clarification on this point
I am afraid the Audioquest Dragonfly will let me down. My headphones have 32 ohm input impedance and need lot of current. Also the distortion is a concern because I suppose the output impedance of such device shouldn't be very low and for a decent hearing I will need the output impedance under a couple of ohms.   What would be another possibility, I an looking at something with volume, bass and treble controls
Wow, that thing is really portable. But what about volume and  quality of sound?
Hi I am sure this is a question that has been answered thousand of times but still I am lost in the haze.   The fact is that I have some music in FLAC format stored in my laptop and would like to hear it at full quality, I have a pair of professional Shure headphones hence I need a box to put between the laptop and the headphones.   The question is: What should I buy? It should be something reasonably small so that I can travel with it.   Thanks a lot in advance for...
The USB port of my laptop as well as the Optical output of an old Soundblaster card
Hi Everybody   I am an Audiophile from Venezuela and I am happy to have found this forum. (I beg your pardon if at times I intermix Spanglish in the text, all the English I know is from school, books, the Internet and American TV but I have never lived in an English speaking country)   Recently I bought an Fiio DAC (model E17) from Amazon but unfortunately the unit was defective and I had to return it back. There was no returning policy on that item so Amazon credited...
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