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Last question - would i see a big improvement when it comes GameCom 780 vs HD 598 with sound? Because its a 70 dollar headet to a 200 dollar headset.
 A lot of people have been saying DT 990 is a good phone, but should i get a soundcard with it?
How good is the 990 vs  Beyerdynamic custom one pro 
 Thanks, but i've heard they are V-shaped, but i've no idea what that means
Another thing, HD 598 vs PC363/360? What is best?
 But i heard that, the HD 598 was great for all music genres?
 Thanks. I guess i'll get the Xonar DX and the HD 598!
Will that make any difference?
What is the difference between Xonar DX/D1? I researched abit - do you need anything extra for the DX?
 But would it work good with HD 598 too?
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