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And you'll retain your hearing for longer !!!
Both my SanDisk 128GB cards have come through eBay and I've had no trouble with either of them. In fact, I'm delighted with both of them. I therefore think it's wrong - and unfair - to generalise.
I would definitely recommend using the 3,34beta firmware. Even though it is a beta version, it seems to be rock solid. At one time I was experiencing problems where the music would become garbled for a few seconds. Not exactly crashing I know, but still very annoying. A combination of formatting that 128GB card in the X3, rather than via Windows, using the card and the firmware above seems to have resolved all my problems. I also copy new music over to the card. leaving it...
Sorry to read you're having problems with your X3. However, I'm using a 128GB SDXC SanDisk card and have never had a moment's trounle with it. I intentionaly chose a fast card - up to 48 MB/s - and it's a class 10 one too. Possibly 'over the the top' but it's been absolutely reliable so far.
I like it too, but I'd be a bit worried about paint getting into critical contact areas. I hope that doesn't come back to bite you.
Thanks for informing me of your results and the way you carried out the measurements. Those readings seem excellent to me. I must assume that they would be consistent from one player to the next?
A good question. Remember I've only had the player for a few days and I charged the battery up fully before I started using it. I guess the short answer to your question is No.
Yes, a check with a 'scope would be excellent. I worked in electronics for most of my life and I've build amplifiers and, for me. offset correction has always meant hardware adjustment of some kind so I'm not sure if a firmware modification is able to fix such a problem. I'll obviously be interested in what you discover.
As I mentioned earlier, I use the line out and it's connected to a pot in a little box that then feeds an octave equalizer, amplifier and speakers. I do listen through headphones as well.   What I've been noticing when listening through the amplifier is that, when the X3 2nd gen turns off, there is quite a loud noise through the speakers.   I've not noticed that with the original X3 and I wonder if there might be a little bit of DC present at the X3 2nd gen's output?.
I neglected to mention that I also use EAC for ripping my CDs - the ones I have so far done - and I just let it go from one track to the next (and compress when I'm creating FLAC files). It's a terrific program.
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