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Glad you're so taken with it. I hope to have one on loan for listening to in a week or so. It sounds as if I won't be returning it
From my own experience, if the X3 you're buying is brand new, FiiO haa already thought of fake products so the company has a check on authenticity.. There is a message at one end of the box that instructs the owner to scratch off the coating to expose a large number. The person THEN visits the FiiO website to check that number and the website will report back. My X3 was the genuine article - and I would have been bitterly disappointed if I had been informed otherwise....
This may be of interest for those who have bought the X3 2nd Gen and are not sure what DSD is all about.   I'm a member of and when I visited the forum earlier I noticed a topic that involved a discussion about the differences between two native DSD formats: DSD64 and DSD256. What had taken place as an experiment were recordings made using two different makes of recorders, each capable of handling one of the two formats mentioned. The music recorded was the...
I couldn't agree with you more. I'm astonished  at just how good the sound quality is when playing a really good recording. It's the sort of quality one has the right to expect from a device many times the price. At least that's my opinion.
I should have read some of the messages more carefully as I see it was a Linux issue. Glad it's been resolved.
If you definitely think it's a faulty player - and it certainly sounds like it - send it back. A replacement unit should confirm that for you. (You'd surely be extremely unlucky to receive two players with the same fault).
I've just received notification from the importer that the X3 2nd gen is due to arrive in a week or so, He's going to let me try one out to see what I think of it. I've never used an X5 or X1 so there is obviously going to be a learning curve for me to grips with the "wheel". Should be fun.
I've just written to the New Zealand importer about the X3 II but I haven't had a reply yet.   The local price seems excellent - in fact, it's exactly the same as I paid for the X3. The value of the New Zealand dollar is very high at present.
Excellent news and being aware of that will be a relief for many people. Even if I end up buying a later model player, I have no intention of selling my X3,
That's a very good question and I would hope that, should the company decide to forgo support, that it informs us well in advance when that day will be.
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