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 You might be on to something. I had a combo R2a and R2Pro pledge as well with a lower backer number...
In fairness though, if they only miss it by a few days, I'm not really that fussed. Bare in mind that they did 177% of their target so they are having to produce and deliver a lot more product that they would have expected when setting their delivery schedules... Still very impressive work on Flares part I feel!Sent from my HTC One_M8 using Tapatalk
Nothing on my end. I was a relatively early in the order cycle (#183) so hoping it's sooner rather than later!! Sent from my HTC One_M8 using Tapatalk
 I noticed a comment on the youtube page about the volume but it came through perfectly fine on my computer...
Not sure if people have seen this review yet but for reference:   Also, I know there has been some discussion about 24Bit in the last couple of days but he has also done a fresh youtube review:     Regards,   Ravi
Whilst I thought it was referenced in one of the previous updates, I know it was mentioned several times within the discussion section of the campaign. Several people queried about tip sizes and Flare have stated that medium tips will be shipped but if told beforehand, they could supply large or small instead.Practically this will apply more to the r2a as the pro comes with all 3 tip sizes anyway.Regards,RaviSent from my HTC One_M8 using Tapatalk
#183 for me. Super excited, I can't wait to hear both the R2A and R2Pro! Very timely as I lost my pair of Westone 4 last month and had been looking at replacements. I hope they match up as I absolutely loved my Westone 4
Ohhhh.... nevermind.
is that to say you have the R1 Pro as well?? How do you find the over ears??? Having read up on the original R1, people said that they were good but suffered from the same first generation hurdles (ie. Really good idea but needs refinement before being truly great). I think the feedback was that they had an vice like uncomfortable grip on your head and there was a lot of noise coming from cable rubbing??
I would love a comparison to the Westone W40 as that retails at a similar price. I've just lost my pair of W4's so the the W40 is the closest I could get today to that.
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