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What a drawing....
YKYAAW you think of the temperature of the waye thou prefer and think of the sound you prefer. If this was true than I would have a super warm tube amp with headphones that are on fire...
I wonder if Schiit will ever make a DIY kit...
Zoom Zoom.
At first I was like "An i5 and an R7 250?"Then I realized I was an idiot and it was NOT for gaming like the poster said.
Say bye to build quality.
You're Fulla Schiit!This Schiit is bananas!What a pile of Schiit!
My brother has the M-50x in black.'Cause once you go black you never go back.
Thanks for all the info! Seems like a great game. I really like games that give you a lot of content for what you play. I'm not sure if Witcher has any modding scene but if it does, the game will stay for a while more.
Oh yea! Have fun!
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