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What video card do you currenty have?I have an fx-6300 with a GTX 750.
Did you guys know that one customer support guy from Comcast denied a cancellation of their internet service? Absolutely stunning!
Are those Ath-M35?
The VirtualBoy of course!
One of us! One of us! One of us!
why is Microsoft ending Windows 7 support so soon!!! I USE THAT!!!
It was army recruitment.
I've been playing a free shooter on Steam called America's Army: Proving Grounds. It's a really fun tactical fps kind of like Counter Strike. You need time to get used to it first but it's really fun when you own face! Everything in the game is balenced because there are not things to unlock or upgrade. I would like to see more weapons added here in some updates (MP5, M1911) Also a very realistic game! Verdict: 8.9/10
Be Quiet is coming out with a case! Whooooo!
At least she says they're good!
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