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 I haven't watched a shounen in years, but I've taken up Hunter x Hunter. I'm actually enjoying it quite a bit.
 DBZ sometimes has awesome battle scenes. Sometimes Goku stands with his hands raised for 40 minutes while Frezza has tunnel vision.
I've been watching a bunch of the Animator Expo shorts recently. Pretty cool stuff that people come up with.   On an unrelated note, I'm back from my 8 month hiatus. \o/
It's pretty crazy how low the price of RAM is now.
Why would they just throw that stuff out? Donate it to some used PC parts store. Miles and miles of Ethernet cables could help some people out with some projects.
That's what I do but it still stinks that I can't use FLAC.
I doubt that Apple would give up thier ecosystem. Though, I really wish iTunes had support on Linux. I seriously can't sync my iPod without using Windows or OSX? Not too good.
That's some good speed!
If it were to happen, wow. I can finally get iTunes to play FLAC. My biggest pain.
I use the HD 518 when at my gaming rig but I occasional slip over to my brother's rig which uses the M-50x. Open-backed headphones help while gaming. Soundstage is first!
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