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I'm thinking about getting some open-backed headphones to go with my closed ones (Audio-Technica Ath-M35). I was eyeballing the Sennhieser HD 519 for around $60-$80. I had a chance to try them in a mall but it was kinda a shiity environment. There was ample bass, not overpowering, a wider sound stage than my M35, and clear mids and highs. They were comfortable when I wore then but I don't know if the comfort will last for long gaming sessions (3+ hours). My M35 hurts my...
I think a good compromise for everything is this: everything people like is important in some way. Audio, coins, shoes, etc. So, everyone shouldn't insult anybody else on their hobby because it's important somehow.
Go ahead! Find those audiophile girls!
Has anyone ever played the 'Murica's Army series?
I would probably eat the HD 598 too, looks like a pancake with maple syrup.
(HIGH FIVES @ibob4tacoz)
I see, at least you fixed it!
I can't really convince one of my friends audio is important enough to invest more than $20 in.... I don't care anymore. All my other friends feel audio is important though....not weird at all.
Um....I air launch pad
I get static on mine.
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