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 If you're looking for a carrying/travel case for them, check out the Slappa hard case. I have the Z7's and use this case for them. You have to detach the cables, but it's a nice snug fit for the headphones and the cables coil inside the headband very nicely.
 I guess I'm finally going to have to find a nearby audiologist and get my impressions. This is the design I've been holding out for...
 I'm really sad to be missing this meet. It's been a while since I've been up in A2 and even longer since I've visited Overture. It was a tough decision when I was picking between A2 for this meet or Erie to spend Easter at home with my family. So hopefully that speaks to how great these meets are; I was seriously considering putting off seeing my family for another several months to spend a weekend talking about headphones and music :)
 Hmmm should I get a backup LC just in case mine needs to go in for warranty in fifty years? It would be nice to have a second for however long I would be without my primary LC      
 If these were blue instead of green, I'd probably have to buy them on the spot.
 I'd really love to, but I'm down in Asheville now for a few months so I'm not sure if I can make the trip. It's been a while since my last meet. I think I'm starting to go through withdrawal, especially after seeing some of the gear that made its way to the Chicago meet a few weeks ago.
 If anything, I'd think the sound would be a bit more colored.  Sorry, had to pick the low-hanging fruit.
 Or, it was so enveloping that he was too distracted to continue writing...
To be fair, the Wicked soundtrack sounds good regardless of file resolution
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