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Looks like I'll have to save the date and plan on the long drive up from Cinci.
I'm interested as well
I seem to have amassed a small collection of headphones and need to sell some off to offset a few of my new purchases (Audeze EL-8 and Cavalli Liquid Carbon). These headphones are all in very good/like new condition with practically no signs of wear. They come from a non-smoking home with no pets.   Beyerdynamic T1 ($old) - These are in like new condition. I have only had them for a few weeks and they just aren't the sound I'm looking for. They're very comfortable...
My question is: which will arrive first, the Pulse infinity or the Geek Out V2? And will either of those beat the LC? 
 I think the goal of this hobby is to enjoy the music. How exactly a person enjoys the music is entirely up to them...
 I'm actually debating selling my Geek Out 720 and upgrading to the V2 for this exact purpose. It would be a truly transportable set up that is sure to offer performance way beyond its price point.
Or, better yet, some sort of beta test like Schiit did with the Ragnarok. 
Count me in as well. I wouldn't mind selling my LCD-X and HD800 to fund the HE1000 if they combine the best qualities of both of those. It'd be nice to have a single pair of headphones rather than split time between two.
London Symphony by Vaughan Williams (for its expansive soundstage) Everything in its Right Place by Radiohead (for its wonderful bass) Helplessness Blues by Fleet Foxes (for its vocals and layering) Up Close by Ottmar Liebert (for its imaging) It's Oh So Quiet by Blubell & Black Tie (for its vocals)
    Not to sound like a d***, but you said earlier that you listened to the HE-6 for "only 10 seconds". I hardly think this is enough to make you qualified to post your impressions between two headphones that you have zero previous experience with. I don't want to sound like I'm attacking you personally, but even after I spend more than 30 minutes A/B ing the EL-8s this past weekend I still don't feel qualified making firm statements like you've made. I was able to make...
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