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It's a Christmas gift, so I'm going from memory, but I believe I got 2 sets of the silicone type and 4 sets of the foam type.
Did I get ripped off by Amazon? I don't have triple flange tips, and don't have nearly as many tips as the reviews showed in pictures. There was a little baggie in the case with about 6 sets up tips in it. Is that about right?
I LOVE these! Oh my goodness, my mind is blown. I'm nearly speechless right now... I need to listen to everything I own again to hear what I've been missing!! Thank you Westone and Amazon!
I'm a first time "high end" user. I bought the W3s as a Christmas gift for myself (from someone else, ha ha) and just tried them before packing them back up until Christmas. Now, as someone who hasn't ever owned earbuds over $20, this is all of course with a grain of salt, but... This was the most incredible musical experience of my life! I would pay $300 for these, if needed, in a heartbeat! I have a pretty nice home theater setup and a pretty nice car audio setup as...
Ouch, that's rough. They won't ship to Australia for decent price? I'm wondering now, how much will the Galaxy S3 (US version) diminish the quality of the W3? Am I basically required to get an external device to appreciate them, or can I get away with not using a DAC/amp?
Haha thanks! I look forward to hearing them for the first time! On another note, they just dropped in price to $180 on Amazon... I think I'll stick with my price, since Amazon is not an authorized dealer. The $36 is worth it for the two year warranty! But man, $180 for these Westone 3s... What a steal!
The international version has a fantastic DAC, and I believe that is a Wolfson, yes. But the US version, from what I can find, has a lousy DAC. I'd love to be able to save the cash on the FIIO though if it's unnecessary! I'm gonna look for the thread you're referring to. Thanks! FYI I bought the Westone 3s. There were only 4 left and that deal was too great - authorized retailer and all!
The title pretty much says it all, but here are the details:   A) This is new territory for me.  I have fairly nice audio equipment in my car and home (lots of Polk Audio - RTi A series in home theater and MM series in car).  I've never, sadly, owned headphones worth more than $20 though.     B) This will be a Christmas gift, so budget is limited.  The $216 for the Westone 3's is already stretching it.   C)  I'll be listening mostly to metal and rock.  I love bands...
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