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Low value will not help you too, though it depends on customs office, but they are not that "dumb", they do know all the tricks, and few times i was asked to provide all purchase and payment information to customs office and they accounted charges based on them. But all of it depends on customs of your country, btw HIFIMAN shipping box clearly states that it is 400i in it, not hard to check the price :) 
Dunno, for me after T90 they sound perfectly fine with any recordings :) T90 was damn picky about that. Also no sign of brightness after T90, but it is all T90 fault :) But i miss T90 in BF4 while gaming, they had ton's of details, but in for music it was overkill in most genres.
relikk356 Nice looking grill you have found :)
Don't feel 400i harshness at all with my setup, but i came from T90 :)
At least germanium told me to look at writings on caps and use it for choosing right "polarity" though it is not truly polarized.
Shortening is needed only where it shown as shortening. Then just solder new caps "legs" to the old caps, germanium explained that new caps will override old one (i don't fully understand this but he is the man who understand how it flows) so just keep polarity in mind and solder new caps legs to old ones under the board.
Original velour's pads will be the best comfort wise, angled i have on 400i are pretty hot after some time, even in not hot location, noticed it immediately, but maybe some time have to pass. But it is normal as they have pleather = hotter. So for comfort velour only. But they say 400S opens up with angled pads, so maybe you can check pure velour angled from Brainwavz.
Yeah i got it :) Ant there are not many indeed :D   BTW, any point to upgrade stock cable? Any reasonable priced cables outhere that makes difference? 
Yeah But it does not mean they are less detailed, i really don't feel lack of detail on 400i, maybe they need a bit more volume to hear same detail level as T90, but thats only because of T90 peaks. And 400i really seems more balanced, more like my DT250 but more open and better lows to my ears. Or maybe 400i just more universal, forgiving, etc...
I'm still on burn-in volumes but i don't feel 400i lacks any, of course a tiny bit dull (tiny bit, maybe if A/B directly it would be more noticeable but i sold T90 already) against T90, but i was after it. Don't take my words very serious, i am average listener :)
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