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All of this hi-fi stuff is a route of trials and errors... From what i've read here i want to try them at least.   Anyway they will either impress me either.. I don't think it could be so bad :)
Hi everyone!   Read 50 pages of the thread and placed an order for DT-250-250, need some closed can's at work. It seems to have around 85% positive response here, and seems to have no competition at this price point.   Hope this is true :)
Definitely nothing over 20 kHz but i'd say i hear 19 at high volume... But it is unpleasant, though there is almost no audible sound but ears clearly "feel" it.. And it seems my hearing is damaged according to test, strange that i hear high's better... But maybe that is the problem.. my ears loosing mids and that;s why treble seems so harsh :/ I calibrated test few times and seems it is in normal range, and i really dont think i have hearing problems i hope so
Well, that graph tell us that not a single instrument goes over 3,9 kHz, but EQuing 5..20kHz can be heard clearly :)   And about T90 treble, i feel the same, sometimes it is too harsh (i'am 30 don't know how high i hear :) ) And can be fatiguing.. but A LOT depends' on recording.   ATM i came to sometimes EQ them in foobar to 5-7 @ -1, 10-14 @ -2 and -3 @ 20kHz.. it is not always necessary but do help with some songs. And i keep experimenting.
Nope, cable is not changeable, at least you can make a DYI cable, but then you'll need to open up can's and do some soldering, but then you will loose warranty.
Obviously off.. for stereo recordings.
Ehm, maybe you are some kind of clairvoyant and know what people thinking behind what they write, that's ok, i believe :)
Got up on the wrong side of bed? I said it was a question as i'am interested how to understand DYI part of rule.
Hi, could you clear thing a bit, HD700 says to be "Max. nominal long-term input power 500 mW " @150 Ohm, so as i understand ZxR could give them max ~240 mW? And they should be 100% safe with ZxR at any volume? And Shure SRH1540 says only about max. input 1000mW, here i believe is the case when they could live it for some ms at 1000 mW peaks? But @46 Ohm ZxR should also be ~240 mW max is there still possible damage here? Except ear bleeding? :D Or in this case we should ask...
Both your headphones takes a lot of mW and ZxR seems to output this values witch are pretty low, so it won't damage your HP: Headphone Out (32/33 ohms) : 70mW(normal gain), 275mW(high gain)Headphone Out (300 ohms) : 32mW(normal gain), 112mW(high gain)Headphone Out (600 ohms) : 18mW(normal gain), 64mW(high gain) Values found here and i can't tell they are 100% correct but seems more or less legit.
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