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Hey, i noticed strange effect, when i turn my head right, and only right bass gets pretty good boost... And i can not understand the nature of it is head turn does not seem to change clamping force somehow. Any ideas?
Sold locally
Hi everyone, got these from trade for my ex. 400S here some time ago, as far as i know i'am the third owner and used them about a week, if my info is correct they had ~50 hrs. on them. Sit's some time in the box while i don't have 2 heads :)   These are amazing comfort and SQ for what they cost, if i had them before my 400i i would stop my searches on them, had no issues with headband, sits like a feather on head.    Overall condition is 99% perfect, carrying bag was...
PM sent for trade to 400s
Maybe it was just an itch for upgrade ;)   I just tried 400i with ZxR again, not an A/B but in 600 ohm mode it drives them pretty loud and i don't fell they sound bad, though with Vali 2 sound seems bit more pleasant, not day and night difference, i would forget the difference in 3 minutes, but with Vali 2 ZxR works in Stereo direct mode, maybe this also makes difference.  And i don't like loud, so what is loud for me could not be that loud for someone else.
No one says someone should get ZxR to drive planars, getting ZxR exclusively for that would make no sense... also specifications of ZxR is not a secret, and it can normally drive regular phones with normal sensitivity up to 600 ohms to pretty loud levels. And with HE-500 maybe it has something to do with high ZxR output impedance and very low HE-500 sensitivity.. Though i did'n had any problems with ZxR + M50X, but of course  they are much more sensitive. 400i ann S sounds...
It can make you deaf, at least my can's say so, and what noise....?
Anyone have problem that Foobar stops playing ASIO after some days/weeks when in Stereo Direct mode? Recently reinstalled Win 10 x64 + latest ZxR drivers, set to stereo direct in CP and ASIO in foobar, worked fine. One day i got message "Unrecoverable playback error: Could not query ASIO buffer sizes" tried to fix it somehow with no luck... Only full driver reinstall fixed this. Now after some time same thing happened... Though CP 2.0 mode works fine with ASIO..   While...
Worst thing that i recommended them to my friend :( He wanted to spend around 150EUR and they came to my mind because all of  this hype around them... But he had an audition before purchase, and still seem to like them. They are not so bad though, most tracks are pretty enjoyable, and only some are bad, maybe they have some dip in freq. range.  Also i have tube amp, maybe this is about pairing, didn't tried them on my ZxR though... And if you heard only some other...
Wanted to make a little input, got AT M50x from my friend just to try them out, and i must say i'am amazed, really amazed how 400i beat them... Of course different types, different prices but damn, such difference...   I used Focal No. 8 - The Spirit Of Sound - Cozy Powell Drum Solo track. And M50x sounded like from bucket, if you know what i mean, first i thought it is record problem, but switched back to 400i and sound changed back.
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