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I have the choice of purchasing GR07 BE's for $130 out of pocket or IE60's for $75 out of pocket (thanks to gift cards and coupons). I've read the reviews on both and understand the GR07's are great buds. I have read extremely conflicting reviews on the IE 60's. I am just curious to whoever has heard both buds what their feelings were. I listen to exclusivelyhard rock (Shinedown, Breaking Benjamin) and metal (Feat Factory, Machine Head). From time to time, I'll listen to...
Thanks for the link. I'll probably wind up going with the VSonic's.
Thanks.. I've considered the VSonic's and forgot to add them since I typed it on my phone. I was just wondering between the Klipsch, Turbine, Sony & Audiofly if anybody has had any experience with them and what they thought about them because those are the ones sold at Best Buy. If my wife didn't have this $100 gift card for Best Buy, I'd probably go with the VSonic's and I still may. Or I may just see if she can sell the gift card for $90 or something. We'll see
I guess I should add the Audiofly 78's to the list to consider as I didn't see those the first time around.
Hey all! I come here a lot of information and I chose AT's CHK7's a few years back reading everyone's opinion and now I'm looking to step up to a bit more premium headphones. I originally was going to choose JVC's HA-FZX200 or VSonic GR BE for Christmas but my wife received a Best Buy $100 gift card from her business and she asked if I could see of there is anything they sell that I can get. I narrowed it down to: - Monster Turbine Pearl - Klipsch x4i - Sony XBA-H1 (when...
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