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Will doI guess I should've been more specific my PC is a laptop not a desktop. 
This is a lot of great informations. Thanks guys. Since most of the responses focus on classical I will be making the decision with classical as my main genre and be less concerned with quality in other genres. Especially since I usually enjoy a more neutral sound anyway. Initially I chose closed so would have the portable option, but I am willing to consider the open non-portable since the HE-300s went on sale. MalVeauX, I like the setup you recommended with the e10. KG...
So, I've been lurking the forums for a while and I'm just about ready to jump in. I just want to see what experienced audiophiles think about my setup. My budget for the whole is $250-$300 Dollars. I listen to mostly to classical and all types of metal and to a lesser degree EDM. I'm sourcing from a pc with a generic IDT soundcard so a DAC/AMP combo seems the most cost effective considering I will be buying budget headphones. I like the portable option but my intention is...
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