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Hey xp3nd4bl3, just replied - sorry not been on Head Fi as open as I've been before!    Work has exploded, of sorts. 
Hey guys,   Just wanted to share that I have a Smyth Realiser I'm looking to let go off, to give someone else the opportunity of experiencing it.  It's a fantastic piece of equipment, but alas, I have not the time to fully learn how to maximize it being in a startup.    My post can be found here, and I'm open to offers.    http://www.head-fi.org/t/714460/smyth-research-realiser-a8
For sale is a Smyth Realiser I've purchased several months back from King Local in the states. This was the original classified: http://www.head-fi.org/t/694433/smyth-research-realizer-a8   The unit needs no introduction, with 174 pages of forum posts, but for those who are keen:  http://www.head-fi.org/t/418401/long-awaited-smyth-svs-realiser-now-available-for-purchase   The unit is a new gen Smyth Realiser, with support for Digital In (HDMI), and latest firmware...
It's definitely perfect for me, the Svetlana W3k combo. I've been guilty of not coming back for months because I've found headphone nirvana.Back to sell my Smyth Realiser lol. I feel like I've been skiving lol.
 I've noticed a few of your posts "The 3000anvs are easy to drive", as well as this one.  I've always felt the Th900s were more musical than the 3000anvs, at least till I found the right amp pairing for it. I don'tactually think the 3000anvs are easy to drive (optimally).  They play out of anything, but are very amp dependent. It seems like hybrid tube amps do well with it, like the Svetlanaand the Eddie Currants/ Elekits.  At this point, for personal preference, on this...
Another headfier came buy with his modified 11s The Svetlana is one heck of an amp.
Look is what I got up to over the weekend?
I agree with this description completely. The LCDs are great all rounders and I think many can live with them as their "one and only" headphones. I don't think I would go that direction however as I feel it kind of holds a middle ground so to speak.... I love the w3000anvs smoothness and flavor, I love the Senns for their wide open soundstage.Bottom line is, it comes down to preferences, but I find the coloration of the w3000anvs very musical to my ears.
 It's exactly what I was looking for. Truly, quite hard to match. I've got quite a few flavors due to all the gear I own, but the w3000anv chain best them all to me, in crushing fashion. If I had 1 headphone for a portable, it would be my Fiio X3 -> ESW11LTDs, but if I had 1 Headphone for my current Rig, I think it will be hard for my current chain to be matched.   I just checked out your profile. Wow, nice. Previous Stax owner switching over to the W3000ANVs. I'm not sure...
 Hey Daigo, cheers on the post.  A month or two ago I was looking for a "perfect match" for the W3000anvs and I remember you recommended the Elekit and saying the Woo was a decent fit. I was really lucky to find a Svetlana 2 from a fellow Headfier to get auditioned here in Singapore. I must state a few things:  - I've always been skeptical of tube gear, having never tried it - especially with the already "tubey sound" of the w3000anvs.  - I've never thought DAC's really...
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