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Amen to that! ^ ^
Wow nice one Preproman, do tell
Seems like a hq stereo amp with lots of volts could be a good match with HD800.
Hats Off for pure honesty, Icebear
Talk of new flagship = unsubscribe. Just kiddin
Ah, Roger that
Blackmore Just be sure what you are going into with Stax, they are not as reliable and some 007 have cable problems and some 009 have imbalance issues, plus they Should be kept in box when not used to avoid dust in drivers. I have owned both 009 and 007 and now are getting HD800 again, they are more fun with the suprême bass slam, where Stax are much more natural sounding, especially with vocals.
Well dah
Well I made a pit stop for Questyle cma800r which is a much nicer amp and a lot more sturdy built than Mjolnir. Well you point it out yourself those two have nothing do you with each other, so not really not fair compering those two, is it Both are long gone by now.
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