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No I'm saying HD800 does NOT need that much voltage swing as these big exotic expense amps people keep suggesting in here. Every amp has its own flavor that ads to sound signature of the HD800, pick the one you like, but stating that HD800 needs these massive amps to be optimal or get the best out of them is simply wrong. By the way the Superlux was recommend by a pro record engineer who use it for his work.
HD650 does not Sound that dynamic it is more of Lullaby easy listening headphone and Hifiman has artificial highs just like Beyer cans, can blame the amp for that, all I'm saying is the 02 and Superlux has more than enough volts to drive HD800 and as I stated before if you are seeking are particular sound signature that's a different story
Well Im the Odd one out as I believe HD800 dosent need these massive Amps, its just a Hugh misunderstanding, but preferring a particular Sound signature is a different story, IMO. Keep your sanity and keep what you have, Ifi is more than enough for HD800.. Just my opinion. If you want to go full retard spending big money on desktop Amps you might aswell go the Stax route.
HD800 play more that Well enough with just a 02 AMP or a Superlux, its driven Way out of proportion in here suggesting these big expensive amps to newbies is just plain silly, IMO. I have tested these small amps and owned Schiit Mjolnir & Questyle cma800r and prefer my Superlux.
I can recommend Superlux HA3D, it has lots of volts and runs on only two batteries :) 
I only have a Superlux but Thats enough for me, I also tend to use my HD650 more than my HD800. I just plug direct to my iPhone og Mac Pro, so Hasle free an easy listening, plus i dont feel i have to be as carefull with HD650. To me HD650 are the Best value in High-end cans.
HE6 has a etchy unnatural treble like most Beyer cans, IMO. If HD800 is Bright then its because your listening to a poor Master recording.
I find HD800 perfect for the electronic bands that I like and never felt that either 009 or 007 could compete with them, as they present the music so differently, as Stax has that bass bloom without the heft that dynamic or planars has, but if you want to listen to music with real acoustic intruments as in reference, Stax it is, IMO. 
I doubt that Omega could match HD800 accuracy, but Never listen to it so My opinion is invalid plus I really don't care for ridiculous priced headphone that's out of production.
I agree with Bosie.. As I used to own 009 and then 007MKI, Stax are more true to the Sound of the any instrument, but nothing beats HD800 in timing/pinpoint accuracy. I Would take HD800 in any Electronica genre, but for Real life instruments i Would take Stax 007.
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