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The newly bought Mjolnir I've owned came with scratches poor assembly in corners and every button felt lose and of very poor quality, as I said next to Questyle was like compering a Fiat to a Ferrari Schiit products a way to hyped, IMHO!
Well thats a different story then as the new design incl. tubes which could be a good thing, a lot of people swear to valve amps with HD800.  Just sad they feel so flimsy and cheaply made. 
I have owned both Mjolnir and Questyle and Schiit is very poorly design amp with somewhat lose buttons especially when adjusting Volume and it was Way to Bright to be considered natural, very ethcy and bad parring with both HD800 & HE6, Should be great with Audeze thought! Questyle is one solid tank AMP that screams quality in every Way with a very smooth volume control that makes the Schiit prdouct look like a joke! Pairs excellent with HD800 solid low bass and smooth...
Well not in Europe, mate Can't even get a used MK2 for the price of a new HD800 I can get a pair of new HD800 at the same price as a new MK2 or 2pair of HD800 for the price of a new 009. Oh and HE560 cost exactly the same as HD800 I know what I would choose, even though I have not listen to HE560. Use to own HE6!
If I had to have only one headphone it would be 007 mkI, but it is not that superior to HD800 and a whole different price league!
007 are more forgiving off course and the only headphone I've owned to master multiply genres, but you give some you lose some! No doubt 009 more technical perfect but you get so many artificial details that does not have anything to do with the music, IMHO!! Even Spritzer said that Again I'm not trying to dish Stax, they can be very addictive, but much more fragile at a much higher price. And I can drive my HD800 with my Superlux where ever I want, try that with Stax
I second that ^ ^ 009 is a lot sharper than HD800, with piercing treble that was somewhat the deal breaker for me + to delicate and expensive for what it is! There's is no perfect headphone and for me a found more flaws with Stax than HD800 Don't get me wrong, both 009 & 007 can be sublime with KGSSHV, especially with all sorts of acoustic music, but I highly prefer EDM with HD800 to Stax! I'm one of the few people preferring 007 to 009, as I found double 07 a lot more...
Your welcome to send a PM
Cheers Gamma.. I live in Aarhus, let me know if you want to try Superlux or just need a different opinion
Interesting reading from Sennheiser Axel Grell. http://www.cnet.com/news/a-headphone-buyers-guide-to-specifications/
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