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Old new, but to those who loves the Blues be sure to check out..   Muddy Waters - Folk Singer   Mesmerizing with HD800 :)
You can buy them from Netherlands for 923 Euro. Just got mine from there ;)   EDIT. Sorry thought you where lookin for some new HD800.       Earpads...
I have not listen to LCD-X, but have tried LCD3 and my guess is that they are somewhat more relaxed.  If you what pinpoint accuracy, massive soundstage, easy to use and good comfort, then keep HD800.   I found them superior for electronica, not even 009 could chance that, not so much for rock, they can easily play that genre, but some cans are just better for that and others adore them for rock, so there will always be different opinions luckily.      In the end its...
Just Buy a shorter cable
Yupp Im with you on that one, mate
And i just Got My new pair for 923 Euro
Sorry.. They are long gone.
I honestly believe that HD800 treble is a lot more natural than Stax 009 and Im not into EQ or tubes at all, problem is that headphones does not provide Room acoustics which tame the highs a bit. HD800 Can be fatiguing if you listen at High volume, I surely dont.
Ive had Them before, but forgot just how magical they are
It has begun..
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